Great small batch fryer, especially for a klutz!

Apr 15, 2009
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Pros:Keeps temperature even, lid prevents splatters, safety feature on electrical cord to prevent accidental spilling

Cons:No built in timer, but a standard kitchen timer does the job just as well.

The Bottom Line: I recommend it to anyone wanting to fry chunks of something occasionally. It won't flash fry a buffalo in 30 seconds, but it fries chunks of potato or tofu well.

I've been wanting to replicate some of the tofu dishes I've been getting at our local restaurant, that have a crispy outside to them. After some research I learned this was from deep frying. I'm a klutz, and deep frying in an open pan of oil on the stove would spell absolute disaster. Shopping at a store I'd received a gift card to as a housewarming gift, I found this deep fryer for about $30, and figured why not?

Tonight we tried it, and at 375 degrees for about 5 minutes per "spoon" ful (It came with a spoon with holes in it for putting stuff in and taking it back out of the hot oil) we had perfectly crispy 1" chunks of tofu ready for whatever sauce we decide to put on it. It seemed to hold temperature pretty well...we did several batches and they each came out the same.

Considering that I'm a klutz, the safety feature they include with the cord is a plus. It's a short cord, to help prevent it snagging on things that might cause the unit to spill, but if something should manage to catch on it anyway, the cord easily disconnects from the unit, preventing what could be a disasterous spill of hot oil. Having a lid that locks closed also helps prevent spills, and keeps the oil splatters contained. The outside of the unit remains cool to the touch as well, so if you accidentally brush your arm or hand against it while reaching past it, you won't suffer burns.

Some of the units by this manufacturer have a built in timer, but I don't feel it's necessary since a kitchen timer works just as well. A wire basket that fits perfectly would be great, but for the price, it does just fine for my fried tofu. It includes icons next to the temperature settings to suggest what temperature to use for things from fish to french fries, and the manual has some other suggestions too.

This unit is too small for someone who does a ton of deep frying for a lot of people frequently, but for a small family that occasionally wants to deep fry something, and doesn't mind doing it in batches, this fryer is great. It also doesn't take up much space. It's about the size of a medium slow-cooker, and very light.

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