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Apr 15, 2009
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Pros:Long lasting
Easy to use
Lots of color choices

Cons:I have no complants, I love my flashlight.

The Bottom Line: Yes, these are the most durable flashlights I have ever used, they have never let me down and I would never choose to use any other flashlight.

The first time I moved out I remember being so paranoid that I made my very own emergency preparedness kit.  The last item on my list was a flashlight.  Knowing the importance of a good flashlight I went with the Maglite 2D Flashlight.  It is the only flashlight that I know of that is long lasting, durable, easy to use, and affordable.  I use my flashlight at least a few times a week and in a little over a year I have never had to change the batteries.


The Maglight Flashlight is made of rugged, machine aluminum giving it power and strength to last through anything, and to last for long periods of time.  My dad is a mechanic and this is the only brand of flashlight we use at our house.  Because of this, our flashlights have been run over with cars and drenched in water, gas, and oil.  My family and I also have horses and whenever we go riding we take the Maglite Flashlight with us because we know that no matter how many times we drop it, or what we drop it in, it will never stop working.  This flashlight is water and shock resistant giving it even more strength and durability in comparison to most flashlights.

How To Use

The Maglite Flashlight is so easy to use, it has a simple button the on the handle.  Also, the top of the flashlight (where the light beams out) turns so that you can adjust how you want the light to shine out.  You can adjust it so it is shining straight at something, so the beams cover a wider range, or if you need something in-between the two, you can choose that too.  The bottom of the flashlight unscrews so that you can easily slide the 2D batteries into place.


You can find the Maglite Flashlight in black, grey, silver, brown, blue, purple or brown.  So whatever your personality is you can find the perfect flashlight to match.


The cheapest I have found this flashlight is $17.20; however I have seen the price range go as high as $43.33.  It really depends on where you buy it, usually you will get the best prices online, or at small town hardware stores, I believe Wal-Mart carries them as well.

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