The Top Ten Snowboard Movies of All Time (to this point)

Mar 7, 2006 (Updated Jul 28, 2011)

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It was only a matter of time before I typed something like this up. The snowboard film industry has been churning out films since about 1990, so I think its time that the best ten of those videos get their due respect. It might be safe to remember that I have not seen all of the films, or maybe not even a quarter of them, so I could never type an all-inclusive list.

The criteria that I rate on is overall quality of snowboarding, film quality, soundtrack, and overall watchability. Some of these films have some intangibles that really can't be put into a list but make a great flick.

#10 Chulksmack

Chulksmack is the newest film on the list, and it could be in last just because it’s the newest. It has some really great snowboarding and editing, it's just that I didn't think the soundtrack was too special and it was too short. Also most of the shots in the movie were shot on the streets with the snowboarders sliding handrails, and that got tiresome about halfway through the film. It does have some incredible segments with the riders being Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, and David Carrier-Porcheron.

#9 Video Gangs

Video Gangs is what I consider the newest Forum team movie (You'll encounter those higher in the list), except it also featured team boarders from Forum's new sister company Jeenyus. Despite the added boarders, the overall length was too short and didn't feature heavyweights JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, or Tara Dakides for various reasons. It does have one of the best soundtracks out of any of the movies that I've seen, and still has some incredible talent on board like Bjorn Leines, Eddie Wall, and Andreas Wiig.

#8 True Life

This was the second of two Forum Team movies coming from Mack Dawg Productions within as many years. The definite high point is the triumphant return of Chris Dufficy, who was forced to retire as the first team movie was being filmed. With that being said, the movie still had some disappointments. Peter Line, Bjorn Leines, and Mike Page are not able to log very much footage due to injury. You also isn't all that much footage from Devun Walsh and Nate Bozung, either. The high points were certainly Dufficy, JP Walker and Jeremy Jones.

#7 Back in Black

This is certainly an interesting film from Kingpin productions. The riders in the movie are top notch, with big names such as Marc Frank Montoya, Zach Leach, and JF Pelchat. It is also somber because it features a video part with Jeff Anderson, whom died shortly before the film was released, and has some tributes to him. Overall the skits in the movie take it over the top, but still landing it on the list at #7.

#6 Pulse

In 2000 and 2001, Mack Dawg Productions released two snowboard videos for each year. One featured the Forum team and the others the other top riders. In 2002, MDP only released one video with both the Forum riders and all the other top snowboarders. This one has a good soundtrack and some good editing and qualifies at #6.

#5 Notice to Appear

Notice to Appear is an offering from Standard Films. This film doesn’t use the highest quality film, but that's what makes it seem like such a classic. It features a nice mix of snowboard veterans as well as some of the top talent at the time, which has become the snowboard stars of today. I also like this film because it shows more big mountain riding than other companies films.

#4 The Resistance

The Resistance was the first Forum team movie made by Mack Dawg Productions. At the time the movie was called the most progressive snowboard movie ever. Really the only knock on this film is that it is too short and features too few riders. However, the riding is good enough and the soundtrack is good enough for The Resistance to rank near the top of the list.

#3 Decade

I know that many snowboarders would put this movie at the top of the list, but I place it here at #3. This movie really has it all, a great roster full of talent and a great soundtrack. This is an extremely good movie, but I believe there are other snowboard films that are better.

#2 Return of the Wildcats

After seeing this movie, the Wildcats quickly became my favorite snowboarding group. The snowboarders in the group are incredibly talented, and they love to have their fun. This movie also has about twenty minutes of uncut footage that is hilarious, and gives the movie extra points with me. It also has one of my favorite segments ever, a friends section with Hank Williams Jr.'s "All my Rowdy Friends" as the soundtrack.

#1 Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties gets the nod as number uno on my list of the greatest snowboard films. As most of the top films, this movie has all of the aspects of a great snowboard film. It's soundtrack selections such as "Good Grief" by Foo Fighters and "New World Disorder" by Chrome Locust that really put this movie over the top as well as the best snowboarders such as JP Walker, Peter Line, and Devun Walsh.

Honorable Mentions

The Haakonsen Faktor

White Balance

Full Metal Edges

Nine Lives

So there you have it, the top ten snowboard films of all time. If anybody reading this ever wants to buy or watch a snowboard movie for the first time, any of the movies on this list would be a good way to go.

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