Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheets - Renewing Rain

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Bounce Awakenings: a new twist on dryer sheets that falls short

Apr 23, 2009 (Updated Apr 23, 2009)
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Pros:Adds softness, good static control and repels animal hair

Cons:The scent was barely noticeable

The Bottom Line: Didn't perform better than the original Bounce dryer sheet. Skip it!

For the last couple years I've been using Costco dryer sheets and really saw no reason to consider changing. But I recently did find myself deciding to try Bounce again since the addition of a dog to our family had me wanting to see if their sheets really did repel animal hair better than the generic. With the bundled package I purchased at Walmart also came two small sample packages of their latest dryer sheet, Bounce Awakenings Dryer Sheet in Renewing Rain scent.

How they are different from Original Bounce sheets

Bounce Awakenings sheets look different in that they have small orange dots over the sheet that they refer to as Renew-Refresh beads which Bounce claims will impart a fresh scent on your clothes that renews itself as you move. 

Otherwise, these sheets, which are the same size as the original, pretty much give you the same benefits as the original: softening, controlling static, repelling pet hair, and giving your clothes a fresh clean scent. Bounce Awakenings is currently offered in two scents: Renewing Rain, which they describes as a modern, fresh watery scent, and Paradise Thrill, which combines floral, green, and citrus scents.

Pricing isn't much different either from the original. Regular price for a box of 100 is about $6.50. However, they're frequently on sale and you may find them in bundled packages at stores such as Target or Walmart, so you should be able to get the price down closer to 4-5 cents a piece without too much effort.

How they worked for me

I like the scent I smell in the box. It's nice and fresh, and what I consider to be a generic dryer sheet scent. I tend to avoid florals and anything too strong as my husbands and sons don't like them.

However, I am a bit disappointed with the results. Sure, I still get softening and static control. But what about fresh smelling clothes? I only detect a very light scent, which to me seems much weaker than the original Bounce. Perhaps for people who don't like the scents of dryer sheets this would be a plus, but not for me. I also don't detect any of the renewing scent during the day on my clothes. I did, however, notice that my towel (when pressed directly against my face!) did have a bit of freshness on the second day. But this is the only item where it seemed to perform a bit better than the original Bounce.

As an additional note, I did notice that Bounce Awakenings (and the original Bounce I purchased with this sample) did do a better job of repelling pet hair than my generic dryer sheets. However, since I like the scent of original Bounce sheets better, I will stick with them in the future. I like a nice fresh scent on my clothes, and Bounce Awakenings doesn't seem to do a good job for me. Two stars only

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