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May 1, 2009
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Pros:Most Applications, internet, screen, IPod, email, GPS, able to create custom ringtones

Cons:speakerphone & ringtone volume, weak vibrator, battery, no MMS texting, software updates, nonexpandable memory

The Bottom Line: Not for everyone.  Far from perfect, but 1 of the better devices on the market.  Recommend waiting for the next generation to come out after bugs are worked out.

The Bad:

This is my 1st PDA-type phone.  I never had a blackberry or similar.  I know the people who have blackberrys, and in terms of a phone, the blackberry is head & shoulders better than the iphone.  The battery life, speakerphone volume, & ringtone volume are far superior on the Blackberry.  Bottom line, the phone portion of the Iphone sucks.

Unable to send MMS texts is also a feature that Apple completely ignored.

I have a Dell computer loaded w/ITunes.  I've had 3 software updates to the IPhone so far.  Every single time, the software updates crashed my IPhone.  I've had to take it to the store 3 times & have them upgrade the software for me.  Afte the 1st upgrade, I asked the people at the Apple store what I needed to do to prevent this in the future.  They told me to completely uninstall ITunes on my Dell.  I did & reinstalled it.  Upgraded to the latest ITunes, etc.  2 more times, the same thing happened.  They have no explanation... so from now on, I'm going straight to Apple to upgrade the software (next 1 is the 3.0 upgrade).

It would be nice to have a slot for a mini-Sandisk card as well to expand the memory.

The Good

But for most everything else, the IPhone is an awesome all-in-1 gadget:  GPS, tying into company's exchange server for calendaring & email, multiple email accounts, internet navigation, and several other applications available for download.  The IPhone hardly sux up any battery juice, which is surprising as everything else seems to.  You can create custom ringtones from ITunes on any soundbyte that you have loaded (you can look up the procedure in utube)

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