Not the best I have used.

May 17, 2009
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I agree with those that said the suction on this cleaner is a disappointment.  I experimented extensively and compared it to an older Hoover Silver.  The Hoover consistently out-suctioned the new Bissell.  I have examined it closely myself and had a Bissell shop look at it and it is operating normally-just poor suction.  If the machine can't suck the water up it won't get the dirt out.  The brushes were better on the Bissell however as was the spray on the nozzles.  The Hoover merely drips in rows on the carpet.  Part of the problem is that there are too many places that need sealing between the motor and the suctioning at the carpet.  A little leak at any of them results in poor suctioning.  Also, there is a small screen in the tank that is absolutely important to keep clean.  Once it gets lint on it your suction is gone completely.

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