Good coffee maker for the price.

May 24, 2009
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Pros:Good price, easy to clean, easy to operate. Good customer service.

Cons:Size of the water reservoir. Water could be more hot.

The Bottom Line: Good value for the price, i great addition for your house and good flavor coffee.

I own this machine for 1 year now. When i have buy this espresso machine i was looking for a good price (i paid 350$) and the latitude to have espresso OR regular coffee.

1) The coffee bean reservoir (where you can store up to 180g or beans) is on the top, when it's empty a light turn on for tel you to refill and you can set the grinder by turning a small key to adjust the finest of the grinder...By the way this bring me t the customers service and repair service...The first time i have turn the key i have turn to hard in the wrong side and broke the pieces apart. I have just call the service and they send me to a local repair center verry close from me and they repaired the machine in less than 2 days.

2) The machine have a water reservoir for hold 1 liter of water and the option to add a mini filter inside. I like to make american coffee but this take lot of water compare to expresso and the reservoir is good for only 4 coffees for that reason i would preffer a bigger reservoir. But if you like espresso it will last for 10 coffees. When it's emty a light turn on. 

3) The waste reservoir can hold 15 puck before need to be empty. When it's full a light turn on.

4) Setting the machine betwen expresso or soft coffee is simple, just to turn a big knob, the machine throw always 8.5 gram of beans, so the difference is on the water, when you select a strong coffee you have less water and for soft coffee you get more water that dilute de coffee and make American coffee. Very easy, for me the real trouble was to find the good bean for my personal taste, because this machine take 100% of the flavor of the grain so strong beans are stronger in that machine.

5) You can make 2 coffee in same time, juste put 2 cup and presse 2 times on the coffee button.

6) The only thing i will like is to have coffee more hot, but this is only ME, because i like to drink american soft coffee and a put lot of milk because i fell the coffee to strong doing this cold down the water, so i have to put my cup 1 minute in the microwave. But the coffee is hot for the people who don't put milk (or only a small drop)

7) Regular cleaning is fast, the piston system can be fully remove from the machine with only one hand then you just pass it under the water in the sink, i do that once every time i add bean in the machine.  Also the system cleaning is done once every 300 coffee, a light goes on for tell you that. You just have to mix a the cleaning solution in the water and start the machine, let pause for 15 minutes and restart again....Easy fast.

8) I don't use the thing for make foam but i have try it once and it's working great.

Finlay it's a great buy, when i want a coffee i just press one button. also friends who come visit me like the taste of the coffee.

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