The Top Ten Sexiest R&B Songs to "Get It On" with....

Apr 9, 2006

The Bottom Line These are my top ten sexiest R&B songs to "Get It On" with...

Throughout time men have courted women by whispering in their ears, sweet kisses on their lips, and maybe even a sensual touch in all hopes of enticing them romantically. I remember being swayed and tempted to give in to these charming methods but found myself holding back despite their efforts. However there is one weakness that I know I have (and I think some women would tend to agree) and that is music.

In my personal experiences, music has played an important role when it came to men in my life attempting to serenade me and shower me with love. It may be that first tape mix I received in middle school from a boy that had a crush on me or setting the mood when I was on a date at the end of the night. Regardless of the situation, these top ten songs walked into my life on more than a few occasions.

I consider this to be my list of the sexiest R&B songs out there. I am showing my age a bit since they are all from when I was much younger. However, listening to them even now, they still give me that same romantic feeling up my spine.

With that said, here are my top ten sexiest R&B songs to “get it on” with…

10. Sexual Healing ~ Marvin Gaye

Anyone that knows soul and R&B music cannot deny that Marvin Gaye was a master at work. Although toward the end of his life, he had his share of issues, he still made his stake in the R&B world. He has created music that certainly cannot be denied as not just romantically appealing, but down right pleasing from my ears to my toes.

Sexual Healing starts off the list for me. Maybe it is that famous soulful voice that completely engages me. Perhaps it is that nearly perfect reoccurring beat that sets the background for laying down such a pleasing track. It could just be as simple as the title itself. The music makes you want to move your feet, your heart, and your body. The beat sets the pace for some desirable dancing and I just can’t deny myself that pleasure.

I think the lyrics really play this one out all on its own without having to say much more…

"Baby, I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’
Baby, I can’t hold it much longer, it’s getting stronger and stronger
When I get that feeling, I want Sexual Healing….
Makes me feel so fine, helps to relieve my mind
Sexual Healing, Baby, is good for me
(lyrics taken from track on Marvin Gaye - Love Songs)

9. Do Me, Baby ~ Prince

There are some people that don’t find Prince as a sex symbol but I have to say that there are some of his lyrics and songs that blow me away. He may not have the deep voice of Barry White, but he certainly has the sex appeal through his music to tempt me. I find that Prince knows how to bring out the alluring part of you when he is singing and the tone of his slower songs are just plain… well, sexy.

The slow beat to this song with the quick shots of drums and snares in the back, may make your hips sway back and forth. Prince’s voice hits those high notes just as well as he bursts out with some masculine ones. The keyboard giving you a little attention as the drum hits those beats dead on. All I can picture is a romantic dream in the clouds with two people finding each other for the first time.

The lyrics seduce you from there…

"Here we are in this big old empty room
Staring each other down
You want me just as much as I want you
Let’s stop fooling around…

Do Me, Baby
Like you’ve never done before
Give it to me
Just ‘til I just can’t take no more…
(lyrics taken from Prince - The Hits 2)

8. Rock Wit'Cha ~ Bobby Brown

Many people hear the name “Bobby Brown” and think of his criminal acts and horrid, volatile marriage to wife Whitney Houston. However, in the late 80s and early 90s, Brown had it going on in the R&B business. He made chart toppers with his music and swept women off their feet everywhere. Before the dark side came about for Brown, this was one of his best songs that he made in my opinion. It definitely brings out the romantic side in you.

In 1989, Rock Wit’ Cha hit the top ten on the charts. It blended Soul and R&B beats together. Brown’s sweet voice captivates you as he sings beautifully into your ears. He finds the funky slow beat that will make you move here to there with only temptation on your mind. He even gives a reference to the music of Marvin Gaye in his lyrics. The beats are lower than other romantic songs, making some heavy bass through your speakers. He definitely serenaded me with this number.

The approach sounds the same as other love songs, but also takes it a step further in my mind by just bluntly describing the passion of making love through music...

"Now that you are here with me
Baby, let’s do it right
Lady, you know just what I need
I want to hold you oh so tight…

I wanna Rock Wit’ Cha, Lady
All Night Long
I wanna roll with you, Lady
Feeling so strong
I wanna Rock Wit’ Cha, Lady
All night long
Rocking ~ rolling, rollin’~ rock
Making sweet love don’t you ever stop…
(the lyrics taken from Bobby Brown - The Best of Bobby Brown 20th Century Masters The Millenium Collection)

7. My, My, My ~ Johnny Gill

Ironically, Johnny Gill made his debut replacing Bobby Brown in the boy band known as New Edition. He decided to step out on his own in 1990 and release his own album. “My, My, My” was one of his biggest hits before he ended up going back to New Edition after suffering from a poor debut of his second record.

I am not sure whether it is the saxophone in the background sweetly singing its own notes that makes this song stick out for me. The beat is nice and slow to feel the sexuality that this song is meant to encompass around you. Gill’s voice is one of the sexiest that I have ever listened to with his deep breaths and low notes. He just lets everything go at the end and belts out the words, “My, My, My” over and over again, yet it doesn’t get repetitious at all. Gill is able to hit every chord possible and bring the soulful sounds from within him. It is simply passionate and sensual to listen to.

The lyrics of course bring this one together…

"Slip on your night gown, Step in our bedroom
First I want to take some time, I just want to look at you
Girl you are so fine, I can’t believe my eyes
And all that I want to do, I want to make love to you…

My, My, My
You sure look good tonight
Make love all night
Make love ‘til the break of dawn…
(lyrics taken from Johnny Gill - Johnny Gill)

6. I'll Give All My Love to You ~ Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat has sold millions of copies of R&B records and has stood the test of time since he debuted in 1987. When the song, “I’ll Give All My Love to You” came out on the R&B charts it hit number one. It came as no surprise to me, since Sweat is one of the backbones of what has become known as R&B in the early 90s. He is a master at song writing and singing with an amazing effect on women across the country with his slow jams and charming voice.

This song was definitely mixed on keyboards and synthesizers which are obvious from the beats holding the melody. I like the fresh sounds of Sweat’s vocals on this track. Although he is serenading, he brings a different feel with this music than other songs that he produced. I believe that it is his voice that brings a side of warmth and devotion. He has the ability to find those soulful notes with a gentle, sexy side. This song is on my list because it is about true love which is more powerful than simply getting it on. The beat isn’t anything spectacular but it will still make you want to move with rhythm back and forth.

Here are some lyrics that show the love and tender side to Sweat’s serenade…

"I love you in the night
I am going to take it real, real slow
I understand what you told me, As if I didn’t know
I always wanted someone just like you, I really need to hold you…

I would give the world to you
Oh my darling, I will, you know I will
I would never do anything to hurt you
I’ll give all my love to you…
(lyrics taken from Keith Sweat - The Best of Keith Sweat)

5. Bump 'N Grind ~ R. Kelly

Although R. Kelly was arrested and charged with having interactions with a minor, he has seemed to redeem himself since then. Despite this incident, long before it happened, R. Kelly had this single hit the R&B charts. He became known as a sex symbol to many women and has always lived up to it.

Bump ‘N Grind has a heavy bass mix to it. Maybe it is the beginning of the song that is just his simple vocals belting from his mouth with no such background music. It has a beat to it that is just as slow as most R&B jams. It doesn’t exactly stick out in any way but the lyrics that go with it certainly do. I could take the same beat and put down another R&B song with different lyrics. I am not sure anyone would really notice. It is R. Kelly’s strong voice that makes this a hit. Kelly’s tone is unlike other singers and brings the right sound to this number. I am not sure someone else could pull these lyrics off with an average voice.

The song’s title pretty much gives away what it is about but there are also some sweet lyrics to go with it. However, these lyrics seem to be all about the “Bump ‘N Grind…”

"My mind is telling me no
But my body is telling me yes
Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody
But there is something I must confess to you
I don’t see nothing wrong
With a little bump ‘n grind…

See I know just what you want and I know just what you need, Girl
Bring your body here
I’m not fooling around with you
Baby, my love is true
With you is where I wanna be…
(lyrics from R. Kelly - The R. in R&B Collection: Vol. #1)

4. I'll Make Love to You ~ Boyz II Men

Known for coming out of Philly, Boyz II Men had their share of hits when it came to R&B songs. In the early 90s, ”I’ll Make Love to You hit number one like many of their other singles. The group made up of four young men shared a passion for singing as well as a clean cut appearance to the public. Regardless of how they dressed with similar style, this foursome was also famous for their slow serenades. It was this one that came to my mind as one of the sexiest R&B songs back in time.

Maybe it was the snapping of the fingers, the accordion like sound coming out of the keyboard, or just the simply harmony of four young men, that swept America. With the use of more keyboard influence than other songs on this list, the sound is unique. It almost sounds like a horn bellowing out a tune at the beginning. However as the beat continues throughout the song, it becomes obvious that the synthesizers are the real root of the sound.

This song may be talking about “making love” but it is actually incredibly romantic. The background vocals and switch of lead singers keeps the song interesting and easy on the ears. I like this one because of the dreamy characteristics that go with the sound and somewhat innocent lyrics…

"Close your eyes, Make a wish
And blow out the candle light
For tonight is just your night
We gonna celebrate
All through the night…

I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night…
(lyrics from Boyz to Men - II)

3. Feenin' ~ Jodeci

If you want to look at night and day then compare Boyz II Men with Jodeci. They each have two completely appearances with one seeming naive and another bad-boy. Jodeci made up of two sets of brothers comes together to make some of the most sexual music in the R&B industry. These wild boys had a terrible time in the future with charges against them from a woman and only lived up to what many thought of them. Despite their personal problems, this song is one of the best slow R&B pieces that I have ever listened to. It definitely sets the mood.

As far as vocals go, Jodeci by far makes it down/up to number three. They not only have sexy vocals but strong sensual lyrics to go with them. The hard hitting beat in the background just smacks me in the ears sort of speak. It has a rough edge to it and is continuous throughout the song. The way the voices are somewhat distorted in the background vocals also makes this song stand out for me. It gives an old school feel to it.

The hot, deep voices on the end of my speakers can’t help but send chills up my body listening to their words. I have felt this amount of passion for someone and I know what it is like to be “feenin’” for them.

"Take my money
My house and my cars
For one hit of you
You can have it all, baby
Cause makin’ love
Every time we do
Girl it's worse than drugs
Cause I'm an addict over you

I can’t leave you alone
You got me feenin’, got me going crazy
Girl, I am feenin’ for you…
(lyrics from Jodeci - Diary of a Mad Man)

2. Practice What You Preach ~ Barry White

Barry White is known for his soulful deep voice that has crossed over many different plateaus of music. He had been a favorite since the 1970s and all I can remember is his unique approach to music with that incredible voice of his. Many see his “voice” more of a sex symbol than anyone. It is famous around the country and most people could pick it out immediately. He has produced great music that lives on in his spirit.

This platinum single released in 1994 is one of my favorites from Barry White. It is the low chords that start this number off that strike the right one with me. The melody of a nice slow beat with all of the right instruments such as bass guitar (I believe). White’s vocals are not only sexy but extraordinarily hypnotizing to me. This isn’t the slowest number on this list but the simple beat to it makes you want to do more than just tap your feet. He is the “King” at Soul/R&B Music in many ways. He talks more than he sings here which is fine with me since his voice is deep, spell binding and sensual.

It isn’t just the lyrics that scream sexy here to me, but the collaboration of White’s voice with these words…

"Girls there's something wrong with me
Every time I'm alone with you
You keep talking about you loving me
Hey babe, your foreplay just blows my mind
So why don't we stop all the talking girl
Why don't we stop wasting time?...

'Cause you keep telling me this and telling me that
You say once I'm with you, I'll never go back
You say there's a lesson that you want to teach
Well here I am baby, practice what you preach…

Girl it's just you and me, so many things
I could do to you and so many ways I can please
Hey, hey, hey it's your move girl
Why don't you start turning down the lights…
(lyrics from Barry White - The Best of Barry White20th Century Masters of the Millenium Collection)

1. Let's Get It On ~ Marvin Gaye

I started off with Marvin Gaye so it would only be right to end with him.

This is by far the sexiest song out there in my opinion. It is the connection between not only the horns, the drums, and the vocals. It is everything about this song that makes it what it is, perfect. I can't help but feel the sensuality that bleeds out of every lyric and chord. I not only move my hips to this but I get swept off of my feet every time I hear it. He sings sweetly into my ears and really brings together what R&B is all about for me.

Gaye’s voice is tempting, persuasive and alluring. How can I not want to “get it on?”

If this song doesn’t get you in the mood, then I am not sure what will…

"I've been really trying now baby
Trying to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel
Come on..

Let's get it on...

There's nothing wrong with me
Loving you, now
Giving yourself to me
Can never be wrong
If (your) love is true...

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on
Stop beating around the bush
Let's get it on
Let's get it on baby
Let's get it on...
(lyrics from Marvin Gaye - Chronicles)

You may not agree with my top ten list, but I hope you enjoyed it. I have found that these are my top ten sexiest songs out there for R&B music. I had to remind myself of some of them when I started this piece. Once I got going though, I had to just get in that mood.

So if there are men out there that are looking to persuade their women or even the opposite, here is some music that will really pour on the romance. The beats are hypnotizing, the voices soulful, and the lyrics mind-blowingly passionate. It fills my heart and body up with pure sensuality.

R&B music has always brought out the sexy, romantic side in me. I hope it finds you able to express your feelings without having to move your lips. I can't deny the loving passion and excitement that comes over me.

Enjoy and "Get It On" (your own interpretation inserted there) with the one you love tonight...

**All Lyrics Taken from Songs**

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