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Pergo Flooring System versus Hardwood Floors

May 25, 2009 (Updated May 25, 2009)
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Pros:Cheaper than hardwood floors; not as much tender loving care as hardware floors require

Cons:It doesn't like excessive water

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend the Pergo Flooring system and have been extremely satisified with it.

Pergo Floor was originally from Switzerland and was established in 1977.  It became a hit in the United States in the 1980's and in 2007, Pergo became a subsidiary of Pfleiderer Sweden AB, who also makes the laminate flooring, Uniboard.

What the Pergo Flooring System Is

Pergo is now more well known as a floating laminate flooring system.  As per the manufacturer:  "A  Pergo plank has a wear-resistant surface of melamine laminate over a decorative layer that is then bonded to a moisture-resistant, wood-based core.  The surface layer provides durability, the decorative layer the design, the wood-based core the strength, and the backing adds stability and balance. The surface is strengthened by hard particles, making it about 25 times stronger than the laminate of a kitchen countertop. It is virtually impervious to stains and is highly resistant to denting.

Pergo can be installed just about anywhere in your house - kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, children's room, and bathrooms.

Pergo may scratch if not cared for properly. Therefore, a few simple protective measures are very important to keep your floor looking now. Place a doormat inside the front door to collect dirt particles, which may scratch the floor. Place floor protectors under furniture legs and use only clean, seamless plastic caster wheels to prevent scratches and help maintain the beauty of your Pergo floor."

Our Pergo Experience in 2 Homes

We had installed the original Pergo in our past 2 homes in 1994 and in 2000.  In 1994, only professional installers that went to "Pergo Installation School" could install Pergo and that was the only way that Pergo would warranty their flooring system for the 25-years that was provided.  In that home, we had installed Pergo in the kitchen and both entryways as well as the dining room.   The installer removed the vinyl flooring before preparing it for Pergo.  Pergo was not advertised as a laminate floor but a floating floor that was a snap-on floor with no long-term care such as hardwood flooring has.  You cannot wax a Pergo floor nor sand it.  We had no complaints during the growing up years of our kids, their playmates and 4 dogs and 2 cats making for a total of 5 years that we had it. 

When building our custom home in 2000, we chose Pergo for our kitchen flooring since it held up so well in our last home.  The Pergo was also professionally installed since the home was new construction. 

One thing we did notice with this Pergo flooring was a chip was in the floor where we thought perhaps the granite installer had dropped a piece of kitchen granite tile and chipped the floor so we were told to use the Pergo putty since the chip was so small.  The chip never enlarged during the 9 years that we lived in the home.

How to Maintain Pergo

Light vacuum or damp mopping is all it takes to take care of your Pergo.  If you should get a stubborn spot like markers, tar, crayons, nail polish, you can buy Prego's Laminate and Hard Surface cleaner.  However, I never had to buy this with either home. 

You must remember never to use wax on Pergo or use a wood floor cleaner or polish.  Pergo cannot be sanded or refinished; only replacing a plank will correct a problem if all else fails. 

We found Pergo to be very scratch resistant but we were also careful not to have pieces of gravel that gets stuck in the grooves of your shoes and we always picked up the dining room chairs and not push them.  Mats were provided at the entryways on the outside of the home and carpet runners were provided inside the entryways.  We tried to keep our pets claws trimmed but even when they got too long, it still did not scratch our Pergo.  We always bought Pergo that was medium in color with lots of grain to hide any imperfections or scratches that may come about.  Dark colors will show scratches more.  We kept our shoes on and high heel shoes did not affect the floor in any way.  The floor was never dented and that was even after dropping kitchen cookware on it.

We did not have any problems with our floors squeaking so maybe our installers actually did the job right.  Our seams always stayed intact except right before we moved out of our last home, we noticed that parts of the floor joints were becoming separated and this was probably due to a mop I had used with too much water not wringing all of the water out.  So, a lesson I learned is to remember excessive  water will damage the floor.

Hardwood Flooring Experience versus Pergo Flooring Experience 
In our new home now, we have a beautiful hardwood cherry floor and we were told by the builder not to use anything on it other than a dry mop and if I had to, a touch of water on the mop and to try not to walk with shoes on as grit and pebbles are the floors worst enemy.  He strongly advised to put chair rubber booties on each leg of our dining room chairs and to put cardboard down when moving the refrigerator.  With all the talk before we moved in, it really bothered me about how we bought a low maintenance home, or so we thought, but a hardwood floor is now going to be a drawback. 

So, we take our shoes off, put rubber booties on the chairs and barstools, I mop with a fiber cloth mop and the dogs are not allowed to play on the hardwood.  The builder said as long as we take care of the hardwood floor, it should last us before we had to sand it about 10 years.  I love the look of the hardwood floor but I strongly feel we have to baby it a lot more than we ever did with our Pergo floors. 

This hardwood floor does produce a brilliant shine whereas, the Pergo floor did not but the areas we had the Pergo in our homes really did not need that shine.  Most visitors who came over actually thought the Pergo was hardwood as well as the realtor that just listed the home for sell so it must look pretty good for it to be mistaken as hardwood or it could be the grain and color that we picked out.

They say Pergo flooring can be used in bathrooms, however, after seeing what a wet mop did to separate our planks, I would not want to take the chance of using it there.  The safest flooring to use in the bathroom outside of the cheap vinyl is tile and grout, which is very durable and lasts.

Remember, Pergo planks can be replaced as long as they still make the grain and color of flooring you bought or you thought ahead and bought extras and hardwood flooring has be sanded down and refinished which we would do ourselves if we were still young but not at the age we will be when its time.

So the question is to us now, is the new Pergo flooring built as well as the original system was when we bought it before in 1994 and 2000?  I remember the Pergo of Switzerland was ANSI certified which meant a lot to us since we also had a manufacturing business we knew what it took to meet that manufacturing standard and to become certified.

I will have to see if the planks in our home for sale become more stabilized since in this economy it looks like the home will be on the market for a while.

I think as long as you are armed with the facts of hardwood versus Pergo and you like the looks of the Pergo, I am sure you will be well pleased.  






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