Cosco Highrise: Easy, No-nonsense booster

May 26, 2009
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I got sick of swiching a heavy car seat back and forth to the grandparent's cars, so I went out and purchased this booster.  My parents have their own, but they always request that I give them this booster because it's easier to buckle the child into, and it's lightweight enough for my mom who has arthritis in her hands--it's so lightweight she can hold it with one hand.  It's cheap price was attractive because I only had less than $30 to spend on a new seat.  I got mine on sale for 17 dollars at Walmart.  The weight requirement is at least 30 lbs, which is great because most backless boosters require the child be at least 40 lbs. and 4 years old.    I do NOT (nor do the manufacturers) recommend this booster if you have a car that has no head rests in the back seats or only an old-school lap belt. 

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