The Dane Elec 2Gb SD Card is a good bargain for legacy digital devices.

May 28, 2009
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Pros:Relatively low cost

Cons:Low drive index scores lead the list of concerns

The Bottom Line: While the performance of the Dane Elec 2 Gb SD Card is not great, you can still save a little money compared to other brands of this product.

The Dane Elec 2Gb SD Card is a low cost product that keeps your digital memories safe for almost forever.  When used as a backup device rather than a daily file holder, it will stay stable for a long time. 

We sometimes need to look back at our technological revolution to see how far we have come in just 30 years.  We can now take pictures that are stored in complete clarity from that day they were taken to 10 years into the future.  No more watching scratchy film recordings or wiping dust off old photos to reveal a faded image.  The other day I saw a digital photograph of my grandfather and was amazed how the details brought back a flood of warm memories of days gone by.  Yes, as members of the greatest society in the history of man, everyone can see images of the near past as if they could be used as mirrors into time.

Product Testing
The Dane Elec 2Gb SD card has many uses.  First, you can use the card in your Nintendo DSi to store pictures taken with the two internal cameras.  Some electronic devices are not able to read the higher capacity SDHC cards so the only way to store files is to use these SD cards.  For the most part, any card at or under 2Gb of capacity is compliant with these devices.  My Palm T3 Tungsten is an example of one of these devices and it works great with this card.  In fact, I use this card as my primary storage card on the Tungsten. 

Finally, I placed the secure digital card in my Aiptek DV5700 Digital Camera and was able to take some high definition video with it.  The card does a great job keeping up with the demands of my HD video camera.  I have seen other cards generate IO errors while storing video streams but this card has never done that.  Digital video playback and downloading with this card is noticeable slow, making it my last card of choice for any photography work I do.

Using a Dell Precision T3400 with a USB 2.0 card reader and SiSoftware Sandra 2009.5.15.99 in Removable Storage benchmark, I obtained the following performance figures for this memory card.  All my test results use the 512Kb test value in SiSoftware Sandra because they return the highest performance figures and represent file sizes that are close to the average digital picture size. 

Test 1
Device Index; 2334 ops/minute
Drive Index; 4.86 ops/minute/Mbps
512Kb Test
Read Performance; 11380 ops/minute, 94.83kb/s, 0.63x
Write Performance; 1888 ops/minute, 15.73kb/s, 0.10x
Delete Performance; 3251 ops/minute

Test 2
Device Index; 2220 ops/minute
Drive Index; 4.63 ops/minute/Mbps
512Kb Test
Read Performance; 11406 ops/minute, 95.00/s, 0.64x
Write Performance; 790 ops/minute, 6.58kb/s, 0.04x
Delete Performance; 3276 ops/minute

After testing several other 2Gb or less SD cards, the 2Gb came out on last in all categories of performance.  The SD card has a Drive Index value of 4.63 or greater which is composite score of all the tests that were run on it in the benchmark program.  Being the slowest card I tested, you should be aware there are some real slow cards on the market today and that shopping around is the wisest choice.

Always format a new SDHC within your camera or digital video recorder.  The operation will ensure optimum performance in your electronics because some brands like Canon still use proprietary storage formats.

Some electronics are not compatible with SDHC.  Check your device's support website before purchasing this card. 

Ships with protective case
Mechanical write-protection switch
10 year product warranty
Visit for more details.

If you made it this far then you are a wise consumer and ignore the marketing and look for the truth.  You just cannot buy a worse 2 Gb SD card. I rarely use this card in my Palm Tungsten T3.  I have also owned the card for few years and it has never given me a single problem with file performance.  The saving grace of this pathetic piece of plastic is that it will store data for a long time and can be used as a data vault for all those valuable photo and file documents.  The industry is moving away from Secure Digital to mini SD cards which are almost 1/8 the size.  Instead, I encourage you to buy two of these cards to give yourself a ready spare for those valuable photo and video memories. You can pick up this card from most online retailers for less than $10.  However for just pennies more, you can buy a real SD card like the 1Gb Kingston SD high speed card as you can see from the contents of the linked review.

If you are in the market for higher capacity cards, check out the Transcend - Flash memory card - - Class 6 - SDHC (4 GB) SD Card for its low cost and high density.

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