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Jun 1, 2009
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Pros:Convenient, money saving, cleans clothes well.

Cons:Small tub equals small wash loads.

The Bottom Line: This portable washer is worth the money.  If space is an issue this will solve your problem.  The relatively inexpensive price makes this machine worth trying.

I bought this lower cost Haier washer about 3 years ago. When it arrived it had a crack in the plastic upper portion of the side, however, it did not interfere with the wash functions.  I've really enjoyed having it since I live in a small apartment and save money when I don't feel like bringing clothes to the laundromat.  Really, the only times I seem to visit the laundromat now is to wash large or heavy items such as blankets, ect.  I found that it washes the clothes well if I keep the loads fairly small.  Do not try to stuff it full of clothes since the pulsating action will not clean the clothes well.  Remember, this washer does not have an agitator.  It usually takes me three or four loads washing with this machine that I would accomplish with a full size washer.  I rarely use the heavy wash cycle since it takes so long to run and the normal wash does a good job.  There are 3 water level settings but I would not bother to wash a load so small that I would have to set the level any lower than high.  Stopping the washer in mid cycle makes a loud bang other than that the noise level of the wash isn't too bad.  I've had to move twice with this washer and the jostling of the moves never affected it's operation.  The machine has paid for itself.  The lid is flimsy plastic so avoid placing anything heavy on top of the washer.  When the wash is over my machine plays the tune "Jingle Bells" and gets on my nerves.  Other than the outside of the unit being plastic, this washer seems to be made very durable.  I use a fold up drying rack to dry the clothes.  If you are short on money and space, this is the way to go.

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