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Jun 1, 2009 (Updated Jun 1, 2009)
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Pros:Sturdy, dry, easy to install, roomy.

Cons:Not as secure as I would like, very heavy to lift.

The Bottom Line: What a great gift for father's day!

Several of years ago, I moved out of the suburbs into the country.  I retained my old home, as well as some other homes in the neighborhood for rental homes.  Being in close proximity to a state college, these are real income producing pluses - especially in this troubled economy. 

Having college kids living in the homes increases wear and tear ten-fold.  I find I am constantly going to town to make repairs.  Toting tools is not always convenient, so I made a decision to put one of these Suncast storage sheds in the rear yard of one of the homes, and stock it with my most needed tools and equipment.

I bought the shed at Home Depot about two years ago for about $500.  The shed was very heavy and I needed help from a store employee to lift it into my truck.  The shed came in a box and the shed required assembly.

When I got the package to my location, I had to open the box and take all the parts out to move it, being on my own with it.  The pieces all snap together fairly easily and no major tools are needed to assemble the shed.  There were a couple of pieces that were tough to snap in place, so I tried using a hammer to tap it in, but it ended up putting a dent in the plastic and a stress point - not a good idea.  I eventually managed to get it all together ok and it was fairly easy to do.

The doors open and close simply, and the shed is rather plumb.  It comes in an off-white color that is fairly attractive.  The walls and doors are all hollow.  The doors also have a hasp on them to allow me to secure the contents with a pad lock (not included).  No shelves were included with the unit, but this was not a major concern for me since I was storing some lumber there and tools, hardware, and equipment that are further stored in plastic tubs.  It does, however, have ribs built in the wall that can be used to support shelves, should you wish to add your own.  It also has a slightly raised (3"?) plastic floor.

There are no footings involved or required with this shed.  I have the shed up against the side of rear wall of one of the homes, in a little nook that is out of the way.  I do not have expensive tools stored inside because, despite the hasp and pad lock, the whole thing is mounted to plastic and I could easily saw through the walls or door with a battery operated reciprocating saw and gain access in minutes.  It does keep the contents dry and off limits to the tenants.

The shed has been in use for about two years now and it has held up rather nicely.  It shows little signs of wear or discoloration, except from pollen from nearby trees and pollution from auto exhaust.  I opend the doors recently and discovered that yellow jackets were building a nest inside the crevices between the doors.  They swarmed a bit when I opened the door, but I managed to get out of the way.  I also noticed what appeared to be a hornets nest on the side wall, near the floor, but it was not active.  I have other plastic storage contains, smaller than this one, and it seems to be a convenient place for flying insects to build their nests.

I would recommend this shed to homeowners to be used for similar purposes, or for a nice pool shed, sports shed, or garden shed.  It can be hosed down to clean, since the surfaces are non-porous.  It does not require painting.  It does not take much time to setup, and it looks attractive.  The big plus is the roomy 5'6" X 5'6" storage area!  I am considering getting another one for my home, personal use for patio supplies.  So, store away!  Thanks for reading my review and best wishes for a nice summer ahead! 

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