Dane Cook: Vicious Circle Taping at the Boston Garden

Apr 19, 2006

The Bottom Line Annoyingly late start and too much old material, but otherwise a very funny show from that silly bitch.

"Sangwich." "BAMF." "Someone shit on the coats!"

If you've never heard Dane Cook's comedy, you have no clue what those phrases mean. However, if you are a fan of the man who is possibly today's hottest comic, these phrases - and countless others - are parts of your vocabulary, acting as codewords to let others know you ride on "the Dane Train."

Soon more words and phrases will be added to the Cook Lexicon. "I-line," "B and E," and "pumpkin bomb" are just some of the new codewords thanks to his upcoming HBO special Vicious Circle, which was taped during two shows at the Boston Garden on April 15th.

Before the review, allow me a quick rant. The show was scheduled for 10:30 pm, but didn't start until about 11:15. why the delay for a one man show? My guess is because the front row seats were empty - not good for an HBO special. I don't blame Cook for this. I blame the douchebags who decided that since they paid more money, they could hold up the show for 45 minutes. I also blame the venue for not making an announcement to get people in their seats. Sorry, but sitting in the top row listening to the Killers' album run through twice left a sour taste in my mouth even after the show.

Rant over. It's showtime. Luckily, I went to the late show because apparently, the early show had terrible sound quality. I was able to hear just fine in the balcony, and the giant video screens made it easy to see Cook's body movements and facial expressions. Despite having just performed, he still looked thrilled to be there as he high-fived as many people as possible en route to the circular stage.

He opened with a great story about lying, leading into his "People lie, people cry" routine. Here he did a perfect analysis of what it's like to weep uncontrollably. He was so realistic, it was almost sad but hilarious nonetheless. More great material followed as he discussed things from Windex to a traumatic childhood experience to performing a breaking and entering without stealing anything. He interacted well with the crowd throughout, especially when a drunk guy came to the stage and Dane followed him back to his seat.

One of the best long bits was a breakdown of a nasty fight between a couple. Bouncing between absurd and dead on, Cook provided many memorable lines including one about a "pumpkin bomb." Trust me - once you learn what that means, you'll be thinking of it every time you get into an argument with a significant other.

Despite lots of awesome new material, there was a heaping helping of old bits as well. Even though I enjoyed hearing some of the classics like the cheating story or the tiny unicorn in the car bit, I couldn't help but think, "Hey, I paid $50 for new material." He even ended with a bit from Retaliation. What the hell was that about?

Despite the reliance on old material, Vicious Circle was still a very funny show from this unique and energetic performer. I admit, at some points I was not laughing as hard as I wanted to, but there were plenty of gut-busting moments throughout. I look forward to seeing this on HBO, and I of course look forward to quoting it relentlessly with all my SuFi-flipping friends.

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