The Classic PE 3048 Turntable...Part Two..."Just Email Me!"

Apr 19, 2006

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The Bottom Line OK you wonderful PE 3048 lovers...keep sending me your emails and Pics. I love this stuff!

Since penning a review on my resurrected Perpetuum Ebner 3048 turntable awhile back I have received some pretty nice email from you folk on the matter and I thought I'd share one in particular so as to enhance the potential ownership of this fine piece of West German Black Forest craftsmanship. It reads as follows...

Subject: PE3048

"Hello...I just cleaned out my basement in our new home and was surprised to find a rather dusty PE3048 turntable in a dark corner. It seems to be working. I went online to see what I had unearthed and found your article on said device. Just from the tonearm balancers I could tell it was a good turntable but after reading your article I realized I had stumbled onto the Holy Grail of turntables quite by accident.

I still have about three hundred LP's of various quality kicking around and would love to hear them again. Only problem is the lack of a needle (or stylus). The needle is a model M55E. Also the Cartridge(?) has slight damage (a small wheel with the letters M and S is still there
but the plastic rod it is attached to is broken) and one of two small springs has a broken braket. The four pins are intact as are the wires conneted to the stylus.

I am located in Montreal, Canada and was wondering if you know any place or person who can service this turntable. Should I replace the whole cartrige(the thing the stylus gets wired to) or just the stylus.....i don't want perfection I just want it to work.

I have a Kenwood SIA (Model Ka-3500) and matching tuner (Model KT-5300) and a pair of Peavy 212 H Column speakers at 8 ohms. Naturally I would like to get them all cleaned and serviced so I can actually listen to that one mint copy of dark side of the moon I still have. Will this
system work well with the PE turntable or is the turntable above this quality?

Sorry for the long e-mail and thanks for your attention...I look forward to hearing from you,

My Response:

"Hi, David!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my article! Yes...indeed you have uncovered a great source of analog perfection. The PE 3048 Service Manual is an invaluable source of info on this great turntable and I highly recommend picking up a copy. You can usually find one on Ebay but if this is a problem, I'll do my best to send you a copy of mine. After all...we fellow PE 3048 owners have to help each other in order to survive...don't we???

You are fortunate to have the original headshell but unfortunately its adjustment wheel seems to be damaged by what you've told me. In my case...the original headshell was missing and I had to purchase a $27 Dual 1200 Series Headshell that works just as well but minus the spring-loaded "M" and "S" settings.

These markings indicated adjustment for "Single Play" or "Multi-Play" depending on whether you are using the unit as a changer or a single play manual turntable. The idea behind this was to keep the cartridge parallel to the record surface depending upon how many records were on the platter.

At any rate...the Shure M55E cartridge was good if not great and it sounds like you need to at least replace the stylus. I'll do some research on this but in the meantime...checkout for more info. The M55E was not one of the Shure Hi-Track models but will perform admirably with a new stylus...even if it's a decent generic one.

Please get back to me with your progress on this issue and I will do my best in the meantime to aid you in correcting the problem. Hope this helps...Peter"

Returned Reply From David:

"Thanks for the rapid response Peter.....

I think I will try some delicate surgery on the broken spring and keep the original headshell for now (after all who really stacks LPs anymore?). From what you've said I can keep the cartridge and just replace the stylus, that seems fairly straightforward. Do you know what the acronym NMC on the front side of the turntable stands for? I'll see what I can do to get the manual online as I am not a member of E-Bay....but perhaps it's time I bite the bullet so to speak. I'm going to go to Steve's music store here in Montreal and see what their 'expert' has to say. Thanks so much for your help, I'll let you know what progress I'm making. Cheers, Dave."

Honestly...emails such as this one warm my heart to no end! I was surprised...however by this question..."Do you know what the acronym NMC on the front side of the turntable stands for?"

I know from years of experience that same models can vary slightly in their markings for various destinations and perhaps this was an example because the USA model lacks this lettering. Was this something unique to Canadian PE 3048's? I don't know. Perhaps some models were supplied with popular moving coil phono cartridges contracted out to audio-technica and the "NMC" stood for "Non Moving Coil"???

That would make sense being that Shure magnetic cartridges were usually either supplied or recommended for the unit. At any rate...I am intrigued by this and will do some investigating on the matter.

As for PE 3048 owners...if you need a service manual or blueprints for creating a turntable base...I will be glad to assist you by sending you a free copy of this stuff...if possible. Just email me.

As for this person and others seeking replacement styli for the popular Shure M55E, and are now offering either O.E.M. or generic replacement styli at reasonably low prices for the unit. Both the Swiss and the Phanstiehl generics are superb!

Incidentally...I recently stumbled upon a Shure M95G purchase from NOS stock and will feature a full report on the unit {mounted in my PE 3048} with the generic M95ED stylus as well! So stay tuned, folks and keep sending me those cards and letters...ah to speak!...P2

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