Coby mp3 Player: Not Recommended

Jun 6, 2009
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Pros:It's cheap.

Cons:It is difficult or impossible to load properly.

It doesn't play video.

It eventually stopped working completely.

The Bottom Line: This mp3 player is extremely low-quality, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

In September 2008, after having been made fun for a while for still using a Discman, I decided to join the 21st century by buying an mp3 player. I went to FutureShop with a list of requirements in mind: it had to be reliable and easy to use, have a decent amount of storage space, and be reasonably priced. The Coby mp3 player seemed to have all of these qualities. The salesperson reassured me that it was a good choice, so I went with it.

The problems started soon after. The mp3 player was supposed to be loaded through Windows Media Player, but it never seemed to work. It would start synchronizing by itself, and songs I hadn't wanted on the player were suddenly on it. (Note: these weren't technical problems caused by me not knowing how to use it properly, but problems with the mp3 player itself.) Other songs couldn't be added because common file formats such as .m4a and .wma were not recognized. I eventually switched to loading the player through the actual Windows folders, but this meant that I might add music that couldn't be played by the mp3 player.

At one point, I attempted to use it to play video. I added .avi files (a common video file format), but the device said they were an unknown file format.

After a few months of usage, another problem came up. When I tried to delete music from the mp3 player, Windows would give me a message to the effect of, "The device has been disconnected or is not responding." This meant that I was basically stuck with the music I had on it, since not being able to remove anything meant I couldn't add anything new.

Eventually, the mp3 player just completely died. It stopped responding when I tried to turn it on or charge it. This went on for a while, and then finally it did turn on when I tried to charge it. Shortly after that, though, I lost the charging cord and didn't really care anymore because my experience with it had been so bad.

I am now mp3-free again and content with that, but if you do want to buy an mp3 player, I would advise you to invest in a quality one.

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