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Jun 21, 2009
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no bags

Cons:parts break
less suction over time
hard to clean
expensive replacement parts

The Bottom Line: Avoid it all all costs!!!!

I purchased this vacuum 2 years ago after reading several good reviews, and to get an addition Hoover canister vac for one floor of our large house. It worked well at first, yet soon started to malfunction.  Our 15 or so year old Hoover "Futura" canister vacuum still works better than this cheap poorly built product!  The "clean out canister" light went out within a week.  It only comes with 4 attachments.  Most are small and cheap.  The electric rotation add on only works well on carpets (yet seems to shred my thick wool carpet), it doesn't work on hard floor, so I have to use the not so wide plastic attachment, with no soft edging material (like the older, better, Hoover model).  It had literally scraped some of the hard grout from my hard floors!  This vacuum's suction power decreases rapidly over time.  I assume that folks who gave this awful vac good ratings have not used it for too long, or perhaps quality control lets lots of "lemon" vacs get sold.  I got a lemon, an expensive lemon which I now have to get rid of because the eclectic carpet attachment just broke.  The wire is loose and cannot be fixed by my handy husband.  The warranties is out, and I do not want to waste $ shipping it to get fixed.  Although the washable canister and filter seems eco friendly, it is a big hassle to clean.  You breath in all the dust while emptying it into the trash.  We end up having to use our shop vac to vacuum out all the dog hair from the filter before washing it, which is another nasty task. 
Do NOT purchase this vaccum, you will be sorry if you do!  Hoover just doesn't make canister vacs like they used to.  Shame on you!  You should improve your products over the years, not make sleak "cute" pieces of$#@**!!!

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