Best Movies featuring Lesbian Love-making Scenes --13

May 30, 2006 (Updated Jun 6, 2006)

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The Bottom Line The most memorable erotic lesbian scenes are in these movies. And many of them are good movies too !!!

Somebody has got to write this one.

Some find the most erotic scenes in mainstream movies are ones featuring two females. For others, it might not be erotic but since you get to see one, but two naked females it's a very good thing.

I’ll cover a few (but not all) of the milestone films that feature lesbian scenes and then we’ll get down to what we’ll call the sexiest (at least from a male’s point of view) four or five scenes in films that are out there.

Many of these films also happen to be good ones to watch from beginning to end—and not just for one or two scenes.
I’ve skipped over most of the completely trashy exploitation films (women in prison etc.) because if there’s a brief bit of girl on girl it’s not as well done as any of the films I mention. I have stayed away from the majority of the art-house movies (but not all) and you won’t find any hard-core adult movies on this list either. I should probably have included one of Russ Meyer’s films in here, but my recall of what happened in which film except perhaps his best ; Faster Pussycat Kill Kill . (which is too tame for this list) is limited.


The Killing of Sister George
-- 1968

Originally X-rated this was one of the first films from a major mainstream director; Robert Aldrich and with known actors to depict a lesbian love scene in a feature film. There were soft-core erotic films before this, there were art-house movies, there were kisses and gropes but not an extended lesbian lovemaking scene like the one here between Mercy (Coral Browne ) and Alice (Susannah York). There is also a scene done on location in a real-life lesbian bar. The film was banned by many communities. The film, like many 60s and early 70s films was re-rated from an X to an R without any cuts being made.

Theresa and Isabelle

Radley Metzger's ( who would later make hard-core adult films under the name Henry Paris) imported foreign films like The Twilight Girls, adding some new footage featuring naked women. A few years later he began making erotic films—usually in Europe. T and I was an atmospheric, soft-core German language tale of self-discovery based on the memoirs of French author Violette Leduc; this was one of the first and is regarded as one of the better treatments of a young adolescent lesbian love relationship between two French Girl Boarding school students (played by Essy Persson and Anna Gael). Personally I find most of Metzger’s soft-core films boring and slow, though they do have some pretty looking well composed shots.

Desert Hearts

This was considered a ground-breaking low-budget gay film which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 1986. It is perhaps the first full length lesbian-themed featured film written and directed by a woman (first time director Donna Deitch). It’s a slow fairly well made film about Vivian Bell a late 30s lliterature professor from New York film who is seeking a divorce for her husband outside of Reno at a ranch in the late 1950s. She’s quite shy but slowly begins a romantic relationship with the ranch owners step-daughter Kay (Patricia Charbonneau) who works in a casino and is quite a free-spirited young lady. Memorable first kiss in a rain storm and a sensual but non exploitative love scene shot reportedly in real time. This is one of the first mainstream movies dealing with a lesbian relationship that has a positive upbeat ending.

Henry and June

This was first feature film released with the revised NC-17 rating by the MPAA to create a category for serious erotic and other mainstream commercial films apart from hardcore p0rnography. Unfortunately, newspapers reacting to community outcries often refused to run ads for these films which put a stigmatism on them and made them difficult to distribute and market. This film is a fairly explicit treatment of the diaries of Anais Nin and the love triangle Anais (Maria De Mediros) had with American ‘Tropic of Cancer’ author Henry Miller (Fred Ward), and his bi-sexual wife June (played by a then 19 year old Uma Thurman). It is set in Paris during the 1930s and includes the fantasy sequence of Anais having sex with June.

Fox Fire

Features Angelina Jolie before anyone knew who she was as the tough and wild Legs Sadovsky who helps four teenage girls fight back against peer pressure, sexual harrassment and a biology teacher at their Portland, Oregon high school. There’s some suggestive scenes and one you might remember when the girls receive a flame tattoo on their breasts by LEGS. Girl power is the theme here.

Wild Side

Here’s an erotic lesbian thriller with Ann Heche playing a financial consultant by day and high class call girl by night who winds up very attracted to the Chinese ex-wife of one her clients played by Joan Chen. There’s a pretty explicit tender love-making scene. The flawed film was heavily edited by the studio to avoid an NC 17 rating and then it was released direct to video and cable television. That version is very, very tame. The director wound up committing suicide and then Ann Heche outed herself and became known as Ellen Degeneres’ girlfriend for a while (before having her very public nervous breakdown and deciding that perhaps she wasn’t gay after all). The film was restored to its original director’s cut and re-released in 1999.

Wild Things
-- 1998

It’s a trashy, sleazy, guilty pleasure of a movie that has Bill Murray in a memorable supporting role and stars Matt Dillon, Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. There’s an explicit ménage a trios scene that folks still talk about involving the girls and the high school guidance counselor played by Matt Dillon. See the un-rated version on DVD, skip the awful sequel.

Le Libertin

You may not know about this baudy film farce set in the 18th century French that is very sexually explicit and perhaps worth a look. It is directed by Gabriel Aghion. It’s a comedy-drama full of colorful costume about Enlightment philosopher Denis Diderot Encyclopaedia being banned by a conservative church and state forces. The film has many wild explicit scenes and features a memorable scene of two woman played by Audrey Tautou and Vahina Giocante taking a naked milk bath.

Head in the Clouds

After she won the Oscar Charlize Theron still did a nude scene in this period romantic drama set in Europe during the 1930s. It’s the story of a free spirited American Heiress and photographer. There’s a romance with a Spanish model who limps (Penelope Cruz), a two girl tango, the bathtub scene where Theron wears only a hat and tie, and more sex play. It’s almost a good movie too.


This is a very well done provocative semi-exploitation bio-movie with a message. It was made for HBO and its subject is Gia Maria Carangi (played memorably by Angelina Jolie) who was a self-destructive drug taking U.S. super model who died much too young in 1986. There’s an explicit affair with a photographer’s assistant (Elizabeth Mitchell) and quite a bit of nudity. 3 and a half star movie.

The Hunger
--- 1983

Problem script, poor pacing and other problems marred this very gory updated vampire amongst the disco crowd story starring David Bowie and directed by Tony Scott. What few will ever forget is the extremely sexy coupling of Catherine Denueve and Susan Sarandon both of whom are quite naked. Denueve plays a vampire queen who seduces Sarandon’s character, Sarah.


This was the debut feature of those Matrix making Wachowski Brothers and feature Gina Gershon as an ex-con butch lesbian plumber, who has some memorable girl on girl scenes with a breathy Chicago mobster’s girlfriend named Violet played by Jennifer Tilly. They eventually put together a get-rich-quick revenge robbery scheme. Clever twists and turns makes this one a lot of fun. Not for prudes or the squeamish however.

--- 2001

The movie is a surreal dark masterpiece from David Lynch. It also happens to have a very sexy lesbian sequence that may be the fantasy of one of the characters who sees it as a scene in a movie. I can’t say more about it but it features two very attractive ladies Laura Elena Harring and Naomi Watts in two love scenes.

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