Movies featuring hot naked sex scenes The STEAMY STUFF Part 1 of 2

Jun 1, 2006 (Updated Jun 6, 2006)

The Bottom Line I list where to find some sizzling hot erotic sex scenes in mainstream movies. Curious?

Got your attention huh?

Here's my favorite Disney movies. . .


I will eventually get around to a list of tame old fashioned romantic scenes in movies. Casablanca of course, the slightly racier To Have and Have Not, An Affair to Remember, Now Voyager, those clever sophisticated old time romances are in many ways still the best.

But you’ll find that several people have done those kinds of lists already. I’d also like to state that there is nothing sexier (to a heterosexual male) than the right woman in the right clothes or revealing lingerie-- sexier than a naked woman.

However, we live in an age of instant gratification.
So this is the part 1 of a few lists I’ll be doing that focus on mostly heterosexual erotic couplings in the movies.

THE STEAMY STUFF is what we are talking about here. Hot, passionate, nudity and sex in mainstream commercial distributed movies. Some foreign, some American, all movies you would probably be embarrassed to watch with your mother. The two part list will include 30 films (mentioning several others too).

Everyone had an adolescence and an over-active libido. Even if you could get your hands on hard-core pornography, the soft-core stuff still probably made an impression.

Your age plays a role into who your favorite naked actress is. Could be Betty Paige, could be Shannon Tweed, could be Clio Goldsmith, could be Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuelle and others). There are also the films of Andy Sidaris that feature frequently topless women involved in silly action movie plots in exotic places like Hawaii. I never took the time to watch one all the way through—though they got my attention when I channel flipped cable stations.

Marilyn Chambers and Linda . . . no no no… actually truth be told:

Laura Antonelli had one of the most beautiful photogenic naked bodies in movie history and was the star of a half dozen sexy Italian movies that showed up frequently on the pre-cursor to late night skin-e-max on Z ChANNEL IN Los Angeles in the late 70s and very early 1980s. 1977’s Wifemistress is perhaps one of her best known films but there were others like : Malicious (1973) (aka Malizia, It.), Till Marriage Do Us Part (1974) (aka Dio Mio, Come Sono Caduta In Basso, It.), The Divine Nymph (1976, It., and 1979 US), The Innocent (1976, It./Fr.).

Susan Sarandon has probably been part of more memorable and noteworthy mainstream erotic scenes in movies than any other actress with a house-hold name. She has the hot lesbian scene with Catherine Deneuve in THE HUNGER. There’s that wonderfully sensuous scene where she rubs lemons on her breasts unaware that Burt Lancaster is watching her from another apartment in ATLANTIC CITY. There’s that somewhat comic, passionate scene in BULL DURHAM, and she plays the older woman to James Spader’s younger man in THE WHITE PALACE which features a couple of hot scenes. Who knew innocent Janet from The Rocky Horror Picture Show would go so far . . . (Four bonus films to check out, perhaps).

Okay, this list is not for the faint of heart or prudes.

These are for the most part excellent films that have memorable explicit sexual scenes but are still considered mainstream commercial films usually widely distributed throughout the United States. I’m not dealing with the low-budget campy pure sexploitation junk woman in prison, sexy nurse, teen sex comedy stuff in this list. Maybe another time…

I also realized as I began compiling the films for this essay, there were some films that were a little too kinky and twisted to be mentioned alongside more ‘normal’ sexy movies. I'm putting together a seperate list of those.

What’s normal? What’s twisted? Some sexual acts are considered sick by some and erotic and perfectly okay by others. I’m not judging any of that here. It is clear however that something like Ilsa She Wolf of the S.S. was made to be offensive, break taboos and hopefully not be taken particularly seriously. I’m not interested in those kind of movies for this list. I’m also for the most part staying far away from the rape/revenge/violent movies. A few of those may be mentioned on another list.

So let’s call this the normal to kinky but not too twisted list of sexy erotic mainstream commercial movies shall we? Good.

There’s no particular order—even in terms of nude scenes but we’ll go from the lighter, more normal movies to the racier and kinkier ones.

Lighter stuff:

The Big Easy (1987)

Dennis Quaid plays New Orleans devective Remy McSwain who gets on the wrong side of assistant D.A. Ann Osborne (Ellen Barkin)while investigating a local mob murder. Eventually the love/hate relationship develops into a romantic one and there is a particularly memorable awkward sex scene.

The Tall Guy 1989

Director Mel Smiths romantic comedy should be much better known than it is. It’s very witty and at times laugh out loud funny PLUS quite romantic. It also features that wild messy love making scene between the eccentric nurse played by Emma Thompson in her film debut and the American Actor Dexter King (Jeff Goldblum) who is in London to be part of the stage musical version of The Elephant Man. The uninhibited ‘messy’ love scene is both sexy and funny !!!!


Director Paul Mazursky’s sensitive move portraying mid 30’s wife and mother Erica (Jill Clayburgh) who is devastated when her husband (Michael Murphy) leaves he for a younger woman. She has a one night stand with a wanna-be swinger (Cliff Gorman) and winds up in a more loving relationship with a handsome artist named Saul (Alan Bates). There’s quite a bit of nudity, particularly in the early part of the film.


A then 18 year old Melanie Griffith in her film debut as a free-loving run-a-way teenager has a couple of nude scenes you might be interested in. Director Arthur Penn’s psychological detective thriller is a gem. Gene Hackman plays a middle-aged L.A. private eye named Harry Moseby singer Jennifer Warren winds up in bed with Harry as does Ellen played by Susan Clark. Besides the couplings and nudity, there’s memorable characters, and an interesting plot. Great movie.


Is an intense mystery drama slow building modern horror classic about a couple in Venice dealing with the tragic accidental drowning of their daughter in England. The film was very controversial for its very explicit love scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie in a Venice hotel room. It’s a great scene where their sexual intimacy is intercut with shots of them getting dressed and ready to go out for dinner. If you don’t know this film—don’t miss any opportunity to see it.

Friends -- 1971

Corny cheesy movie that felt dated and corny in 1971 when it was first released. It’s an R-rated movie about a teenage love story who feel alienated by adults and fall in love and try to figure out how to make a life together when a baby arrives. English boy Paul is played by Sean Bury and the French girl is played by Michelle (Anicee Alvina). There’s nude scenes between the young actors, an Elton John soundtrack that featured the hit title song. It was a very popular movie… but boy is it lousy.

Sirens --- 1994

This loose erotic drama is based on a true story in which and English Minister (Hugh Grant) and his repressed wife (Tara Fitzgerald) ‘drop’ in on the villa of a controversial Australian artist who has several models posing nude for him. They are in for a sexual awakening. The film features good performances and lots and lots of nudity includuing supermodel Elle Macpherson !!!



“Take Your Clothes Off.” Here’s an erotic award winning (best cinematography Sven Nykvist) film set in the late 60s in Prague, Czechoslovakia during political upheaval and revolution. The sexuality is open and liberated involving a love triangle with playboy surgeon Daniel Day-Lewis , his shy wife Juliette Binoche and the liberated Lena Olin (Sabina). Quite a bit of nudity; and an excellent film as well.


Utterly unrealistic romatic sex comedy featuring good looking bodies wearing little or no clothes. Two young sexy Americans played by Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah have a triangle affair with a young French woman played by Valerie Quennessen on an idyllic sun drenched Greek Island.

Jude -- 1996
Memorable adaptaction of Thomas Hardy's novel, set in late 19th century Victorian England, that features a very explicit love making scene between stone mason Jude (Christopher Eccleston) and his liberated cousin Sue (Kate Winslet). They are married to others but continue a relationship and even have children together.

Risky Business 1983

One of the best teen-sex-comedies every made. Clever, funny and the memorable fantasy sequence with Francine Locke as the woman in the shower and that subway ride Joel (Tom Cruise) takes with the hooker with a heart gold Lana (Rebecca DeMornay) as the electronic music of Tangerine Dream plays. Other famous scene includes the underwear dance to Bob Segers Old Time Rock & Roll.

Based on an Isaac Bashevis Singer story this is an ultimately very sad and moving story involving a Jewish man (Ron Silver) who escaped Nazi persecution several years earlier with the help of a woman he is in a loveless marriage with. Now in Coney Island, the man has a passionate love affair (with Lena Olin) and things get really complicated when his wife (believed dead in Germany) played by Angelica Huston shows up. Some sexy scenes in this somber haunting memorable film.

This is the updated, American remake of Chabrol’s 1968 LA FEMME INFIDEL (1968). And about half of the movie is good. It’s also very interesting to watch the original (better) film and remake back to back. The new version has some sizzling sex scenes thanks to Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez . It winds up being a disappointment however. Let me slip in another Diane Lane movie that features some nudity, not nearly as HOT but warmer and more romantic perhaps: Walk on the Moon -- 1999 a romantic drama about a married Jewish mother of two played by Diane Lane who while vacationint in the Catskills in the late 60s has fantasies about a traveling salesman (Viggo Mortensen) and considers fulfilling them at the Woodstock music festival.

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

One of several versions of this story that was released within a 2 year period, Stephen Frears' version is the one with the best known cast. It’s a tale of game playing sexual one-up-manship among the upper class in the 18th century. Wealthy widow Marquise De Merteuil (Glenn Close) challenges her ex-lover Vicomte De Valmont (John Malkovich) to "Wa-a-a-a-r" with the prize being her bed, if he can seduce the teenage betrothed bride-to-be virgin Cecile De Volanges (Uma Thurman) --- AND corrupt the uptight and religiously-virtuous, married Madame De Tourvel (Michelle Pfieffer).

Sex and Lucia (2001)

A sexy strip-tease and explicit love-making scenes are part of this very interesting well made romantic drama. It’s about a beautiful waitress (Paz Vega) in Madrid and her lovers. Beautiful locations too.

Oh and by the way… I find the limo sex scene between Kevin Costner and Sean Young in the movie NO WAY OUT over-rated. But a lot of people consider that one very hot too.


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