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Jun 5, 2006 (Updated Nov 14, 2006)

The Bottom Line A list of twisted, kinky, dark, sick memorable sex scenes from widely distributed movies.

Tough to resist taking a peak, huh?

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There are a lot of dark and crazy, downright sick and disgusting films out there. Many of them are crude and badly made, so I’m ignoring most of those. Some of them are very disturbing yet well made like Passolini’s Salo (nearly impossible to see) and the disturbing Happiness (hypocritically flawed to me).

I’m ignoring the hard-core films and the ones that feature violent rape and revenge story-lines (with a few exceptions).

There’s a few films I’ve included that I don’t like at all, but I felt I needed to see and some of you may feel that way as well. I know I'm just scratching the surface here, but consider the list a place to start and maybe finish for these kind of taboo breaking movies. Quite frankly most of this list is pretty tame ignoring most of the most offensive films that are available.

However for the casual film-goer several of these films may be an eye-opening experience and will give many more than enough information.

Emmanuelle (1974, Fr.), Emmanuelle 2 (1975, Fr.) (aka The Joys of a Woman), Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977, Fr.)

The Emmanuelle series was a film the straddled the fence between good and bad taste, between showing too much and showing too little. In other words it was a new and improved exploitation film—except the E films were overly pretentious in tone and lacking any intentional campiness.

Here was a low budget soft-core film with a beautiful looking dutch actress named Sylvia Kristel that could be distributed widely. It would be very controversial in some communities and yet called restrained in others. It was a safe way for people to be curious about dirty movies and about sexual lifestyles. It also had lots of beautiful looking naked people in it.

The message of the films were discover yourself and heal yourself through sex. Don’t be afraid to try anything, just do it. They were lensed by fashion photography Just Jaeckin (who made soft and hard-core films like Story of O—which almost got a mention on this list but is a warm-up for Emmanuelle in many ways). There’s sex with different partners, sex games, full body massages, lesbian sex, interracial sex, public sex, some S & M as well. The films all played regular theaters and the first 2 had very impressive box-office figures.

Anyway, you’ll read people calling the Emmanuelle films classics. They aren’t. The acting is pretty bad, the scripts are dull, there’s some great shots, but for the most part I find the films, nudity and sex, luke-warm. Some of the rip-off and much sleazier Emmanuelle’s were hotter than these were, but they were even more worthless as movies.

Some consider these classy soft-core erotic films and they are very famous. You may want to see them just to see what all the noise was about. If you skip ‘em, you aren’t missing much. But I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame even though I was dissapointed. You’ll see more racier sex scenes watching an episode of HBO’s REAL SEX than you will here. Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel doesn’t actually have a lot of charisma her acting improved over time to competent and she looks beautiful.

Tampopo ---- -1986

Mostly this is a comedy about a truck driver helping a widow make her noodle shop into a huge success. It’s also about food fetishes however and there are a couple of vignettes in the movie that put it on this list. They involve a Japanese gangster and his daring girlfriend who have devoted their lives to sensual pleasure, they eat and screw, they pass a raw egg yolk back and forth into each other’s mouths and there’s the scene with the live shrimp on her stomach. Anyway, it’s not dark, but it’s definitely different and kinky. Great movie… you’ll be dying to get a noodle dish by the time it’s over. Don't miss it.

Harrad Experiment, American Gigolo; WWhore; Looking for Mr. Goodbar and In the Cut

All the above are movies that feature well-known actors in explicit scenes featuring nudity. It's a partial list of these kinds of films. None of them are great movies and they all take themselves too seriously and delve into seedy worlds with unsavory characters in deceptive ways. The exception is Harrad -- a new agey (before there was new age) lightweight movie loosely based on a true story involving sex, swapping partners and the like. It features a very young Don Johnson (fully nude if you care) and playing the male authority figure, heading the research project is James Whitmore (who was in the classic science fiction giant bug movie THEM! 20 years earlier). It's got some camp appeal and lots of naked bodies. The rest aren't much fun to watch. You might be fascinated by the style and subject matter of these movies and they were controversial for various reasons. American Gigolo features Richard Gehr (full frontal by the way) and Lauren Hutton it is the most dated, directed by the guy who wrote Taxi Driver (Paul Schrader) and features the Blondie hit: Call Me; WWhore is mostly talk and features Theresa Russell, directed by Ken Russel; Goodbar features Diane Keaton and it's message is if you sleep around a lot you'll become a targed for a serial killer; IN THE CUT: features Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo and the unrated cut has what’s basically a hard-core oral scene.


Vince Gallo's ego movie has a phony scene with a prosthetic appendage that got a lot of press for being the real thing. It ain’t. The movie itself is dull and plodding. Enough said. It's a pretentious put-on. Good for them--doesn't mean you need to watch it. I mention this movie because you may have heard something about it and are curious about it. Skip it—not worth your time.

THE PIANO --- 1993

Harvey Keitel has shared his not particularly photogenic penis with us in a few movies (like Bad Lieutenant) and this one. Piano is a well done New Zealand art-house film directed by Jane Campion. A Scottish woman Holly Hunter and her illegitimate daughter (Anna Pacquin) arrive in New Zealand. She’s an 18th century arranged marriage bride to a farmer (Sam Neil). A deal is struck with a strange tattooed Maori neighbor (Harvey Keitel) that involves a Piano and sexual favors. Quite an interesting erotic tale is weaved and it is told from the woman’s point of view for a change.

CALIGULA --- 1979

Bob Guccione the publisher of Penthouse decided it was time to produce an epic star studded no holes barred X-rated movie that would be shown in theaters around the world. He decided he would show a lot more and be far more decadent than Fellini was in Satyricon. Many versions were shown in theaters—some included almost 7 minutes of hard-core orgy footage, others cut way back on the gore and nudity to earn an R rating. None of the versions are worth watching.

I guess to make sure the movie was really sleazy he hired Italian director Tinto Brass (the Russ Meyer -sorta- of Italy) who is known for rule-breaking soft-core and beyond type movies. They spent over 15 million on this turkey. You have some of the best actors of all time in this assault on the senses. It’s not the worst idea in the world to attempt something like this, but they really concentrated on the depravity, violence and sick stuff back in the last days of the Roman Empire 1st century A.D. under Caligula. The production design is pretty good, but the pacing is terrible, the direction a mess. Everything, even the dull talky scenes are over-done and seem to be trying to hard to offend and shock. I sure didn’t need to see Malcolm McDowell greasing up his fist to use on another actor’s backside. A lot of people feel they need to verify this thing actually exists and sit through it. There’s orgy scenes, simulate bestiality, lots of sadistic and violent sex, people are gutted, sex organs are cut off and lots more family fun (if you’re the Manson family).

Most but not all of the really famous actors keep their clothes on. They put in pretty good performances, but it is humiliating to watch them in glorified worthless trash as this. John Geilgud, Helen Mirren and Peter O’Toole have watch-able screen time.

Crimes of Passion --1984

British director Ken (Tommy, The Devils) Russell created this neon-lit, dark, sleazy cult classic thriller about a lonely private eye and security expert (John Laughlin) who falls for a kinky L.A. prostitute named China Blue (Kathleen Turner) who is actually living a dual life, because by day she’s a successful hard-working fashion designer who becomes a kinky prostitute by night (the steamy scene in Body Heat between Turner and Hurt is G-rated Disney stuff compared to this). There’s also a very unstable psychotic stalking preacher played by Anthony Perkins (having a great time over-acting and stealing the movie)who is convinced he is China Blue’s savior and wants to use a lethal chrome steel dilldo (Steely Dan—Naked Lunch reference) on her. The film was pretty wild, but the unrated video was even more over the top and included an S & M scene with a cop and his night stick. Pretty sick, twisted but campy stuff.

Crash -- 1996

David Cronenberg' continued his quest to turn books you could never imagine being movies—into movies. First he tried doing it with Naked Lunch with mixed results and then he did it with this one. It’s an extremely and very deliberately controversial and repulsive movie focusing on the depraved kinks of upwardly mobile types who get sexually excited over gruesome automobile crashes, re-enactments of famous car accidents (James Dean, Jayne Mansfield), and physical deformities (including wounds, scabs, dismemberment and crutches); We meet TV commercial director James Ballard (James Spader) who after an almost fatal car crash, has a crazy extramarital affair with Dr. Helen Remington (Holly Hunter), and then with other car crash sexual enthusiasts-fetishists or victims. It’s one sick movie and a lot people hated this movie. Several people walked out of its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in disgust.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down 1990

Director Pedro Almodóvar's offbeat black comedy love story with dull-witted, obsessively love-sick mental patient and handyman Ricky (Antonio Banderas), who has kidnapped and tied up favorite ex-porn star and junkie Marina Osorio (Victoria Abril); noted most for its infamous masturbatory bath scene with the aid of a vibrating toy diver that swam straight into Marina's crotch, and her gradual loosening of resistance to being captive; originally rated X, then rated NC-17 at the time of release. An even better Almodovar film also with Banderas is Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown from 1988

For more twisted Almodovar—check out the utterly wild profane,

Labyrinth of Passion -1982
An early taboo breaking modern sex comedy farce from Pedro Almodovar. Antonio Banderas plays a terrorist named Sadeq in love with Reza, a fellow terrorist and son of a an emperor. Sadeq has a great sense of smell and is ordered to track down and kidnap Reza. Sexilia is the punk-rock daughter of a sex scientist(reproductive specialist) who figures into the plot as well. She winds up having plastic surgery taking on another’s identity, running off with Reza by posing as…. Well let’s just say it’s a confusing, wild kinky farce of a movie for those wanting to see something very different.

Videodrome 1983

David Cronenberg's who has explored a lot of weird twisted ideas, outdid himself in this surreal twisted movie that had lost of extreme kinky sexuality. There’s piercing and mutilation and that scene where self-help radio host Nicki Brand played by Deborah Harry of Blondie burns her breast with a cigarette. T.V. programmer also has that vagina like opening in his abdomen where he is programmed and/or raped by bad guys who insert videos into his body to play him. Of course it’s hard for a movie this bizarre to have impact but you might want to take a look.


Strange non-linnear dark psycho-drama from director Nicolas Roeg (Performance, Walkabout and Man Who Fell to Earth all almost made it onto this list ) is about a destructive relationship in Vienna between an American psychology professor (played creepily by Art Garfunkel) and one of his patients a suicidal American woman (Theresa Russell). There is erotic sex and that disturbing scene that cuts between a bloody tracheotomy scene and a sexual tryst. It was pulled from distribution and developed a reputation as a very sick X rated film---but its not nearly as shocking as you might think. After being nearly impossible to see for decades, it got a video and DVD release.


Brian DePalma went all out Hitchcock in this original thriller reminiscent of both Psycho and Vertigo that gets into themes of aberrant sexuality, voyeurism, and graphic violence, showing lot of nudity and gore. The most erotic scenes involve Angie Dickinson. She masturbates in a showr (body double for her nude scenes) and is then followed when she goes to the museum and has a sex with a stranger affair (or does she?). The plot involves violent murder, a high class prostitute played by Nancy Allen and a psychiatrist who knows lots of secrets played by Michael Caine.


Slow building very intense true story about an affair between a gangster businessman (Tasuya Fuji) and one of his servant girls who is a former prostitute (Eiko Matsuda) set in Japan in the mid 1930s. Very explicit hardcore type films—though this film wound up playing art-house movie theaters. Warning, there’s violent disturbing scenes and a controversial still shocking very bloody ending. It was banned and challenged by several communities and countries. Not an easy film to watch.


This was the first in a series of famous cult films that starred former German stand-up comic Dyanne Thorne as the sexy and cruelly sadistic Ilsa. It is one of several repugnant films in the sub-genre known as Nazi exploitation film. She Wolf was shot on sets originally used for the Hogans Hero t.v. show and features Thorne as Ilsa a sadistic concentration camp doctor who experiments on naked female prisoners. If you don’t take it seriously it’s sick campy stuff. Since it was based very loosely on a real life person and trivializes and exploits Nazis and concentration camps it’s seen by many as one of the most vile and abhorrent examples of exploitation film-making.


Here’s a disturbing and haunting art-house drama. A lot of films were telling bold shocking stories in the mid 70s. This one is about a young woman, Charlotte Rampling who realizes she knows the Night Porter (Dirk Bogarde) at the hotel she is staying at. Why does she knows him? 12 years ago they were in a very sick s and m relationship in a concentration camp. Now in post-war Vienna their sick relationship is continued. What? Yep.

That’s enough of the dark and twisted memorable sex scenes in the movies. I’ve got other lists dealing with sex in the movies that might be of interest:

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Happy viewing !!!!

Epinions word censors force me to spell WWHORE this way and Dilldo this way. But everything else I wrote about here is okay w/them!!!


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