Rust-Oleum RustOleum Chrome Metallic Spray Paint Enamel

Rust-Oleum RustOleum Chrome Metallic Spray Paint Enamel

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A few tips about drying time!

Jul 2, 2009 (Updated Jul 2, 2009)
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Pros:Easy to use.
Looks great.
Cheaper than having something chromed

Cons:Runs easily if not applied in light coats
Dry time is way too long

The Bottom Line: If you have the area to dry it in and the time this is for you.
Its almost like it has to cure like real chrome

Dont beleive what can say's about dry times! I re-did metal grey colored metal computer desk to this silver color. It doesnt actually shine like chrome cap but is real close. First you must prime the metal surface with Rust-oleum primer spray. The painter's touch ultra primer. I used white primer, the grey primer made a darker result. Let primer dry no less than 3 days in non humid area. Make sure you do not touch the metal surface with bare fingers as finger grease shows up later in fingerprints! Apply the metallic paint in thin coats short bursts not real close maybe 10 inches. I went around it 4 times. Let each coat dry approx. 5 minutes no more than 10 minutes. Then it must dry for 2 weeks! I'm not kidding. I did desk parts at different times.The part I did first, 2 weeks ago I can touch without a mark. I even rinsed it with water and dried it lightly. The other parts that I did 1 week prior must be re-done becuase I left marks on it just picking it up. I also just tried Rustoleum "Painter's Touch" Ultra cover Matte Clear. On the part that dried 2 weeks it did not discolor it. You can only put a very light coat of clear on it though. Hope this helps. End result after alot of trial and error, Looks nice am happy with it 

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