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Snapware GlassLock Tempered Glass Storage Containers - 18 piece set

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Snap, What a Happy Sound - Snapware Glasslock Seals

Jul 6, 2009 (Updated Jul 6, 2009)
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Pros:Airtight Lids, Tempered Glass, Safe for Freezer to Microwave

Cons:Requires more storage space in cabinets than nested storage bowls, Will break if dropped

The Bottom Line: My kitchen was ready for tempered glass microwave safe food storage containers, I was tired of etched plastic. Snapware's GlassLock satisfies my needs.

Just like the missing sock, the incomplete pair that comes out of the washing machine or dryer, it seems that  the lids for my plastic storage containers have also gone missing, perhaps hopping off one-footed with the missing socks. My aged collection of Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers simply needed replacing.  This time I opted for glass.

Snapware Glasslock Tempered Glass Storage Containers satisfy almost all of my needs.  Who doesn’t use a microwave for thawing leftovers or for heating up remnants from last night’s meal? We all would prefer that food storage containers be microwave, dishwasher and freezer/refrigerator safe. Not only do they need to be safe in these kitchen appliances but capable of going from one to the other. 

These do – but don’t try moving them in to a traditional oven.

My Snapware Glasslock Tempered Glass Storage Container set has 18 quadrilateral pieces: two small rectangles (1.3 cup/.3 liters), two small squares (1.7 cups/.4 liters), two medium squares (3.1cup/.7 liters), two medium rectangles (4 cups/.9 liters), and one large rectangle (7.5 cups/1.8 liters).  Each has a matching lid.  These clear glass containers have tight, snapping lids with a durable silicone seal.  The glass is tempered, considered shatter-resistant and safe to use in the kitchen – it will take a lot to break them although I haven’t tried, nor have I thrown one across the room. 

Clear and Stainproof Glass Containers
I could have gone with more plastic, but we eat food that etches my Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers.  Spaghetti, Green Pork Chile Stew, Posole, and numerous tomato-based dishes are hard on the walls of the storage bowls.  I’ve never felt comfortable taking them from freezer to microwave and even when thawing homemade chicken stock I’ve seen residue that just doesn’t fully remove. I wanted glass this time.  The glass remains clear in the refrigerator or freezer making it easy to identify the contents – it’s no longer mystery food. 

Durable Silicone Seal
The lids are microwave/freezer/dishwasher safe plastic with a silicone rim inside the lid that seals snuggly against the lid when the “winged-snaps” are secured on the containers’ rims. This keeps the foods fresher longer in the refrigerator and freezer. Each side snaps down.  These are easy to close and open. It’s safe to store liquids, leftovers, and dry foods in these – even spaghetti sauce.

So what’s not to like?
Well, you might heat it too long and surprise your fingertips.  Your fingers might fail to hold the hot container and instead drop it.  Rather than just spilling everything, you might spill everything AND break the container.  I’m still hesitant about microwaving with the lid on – although it’s safe, I unsnap the lids first for quick microwaving.  If heating anything that requires longer than one minute I remove the lid and cover the container with a papertowel. That’s the old-fashioned nervous me.  My biggest concern is these have a relatively large footprint in the kitchen. My plastic bowls nest in the cabinets. These don’t and I’ve found the best way to store them is with their lids on and stacking similar sizes together. I actually picked up a rack for the cabinet that is half the height of the cabinet space.  This makes it possible to store all nine containers in a more compact location.  But nine nested storage bowls take up less than one quarter of the space. Apparently the largest size available is the 7.5 cup rectangle, not quite large enough for our homemade stock. I wouldn’t mind a larger round or square container.

Meanwhile, back in the land of leftovers…
I’ve frozen sauce, stored turkey gravy and leftover salad, and filled them with slices of last night’s grilled pork tenderloins. I’ve had no reason to worry about the quality of the leftover, well, except for some wandering tilapia curry that disappeared into the refrigerator’s hidden rear jungle.

We still use the plastic bowls, we have them and there’s no reason to toss them, but as they continue to disappear or deteriorate my current plan is to replace them with the Glasslock Snapware Tempered Glass Storage Containers. We started with this introductory 18-piece set from Costco, but individual square, rectangular, and round containers are available online in a variety of sizes.

Thanks go to Dawn for her quick turn-around with a link for this product!

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