Inexpensive vacuum cleaner that cleans OK if it works. There are better alternatives though.

Jul 11, 2009 (Updated Jul 12, 2009)
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Pros:Inexpensive, cleans bare floors, lightweight, bagless, attachments are good.

Cons:Messy filter cleaning, hard to take apart, unreliable.

The Bottom Line: Acceptable if you are on a budget, don't care about durability and the mess of dirt emptying and filter cleaning.

   My wife bought the Sanyo Revo SC TA 3000 (without any research or reading reviews, a big no-no) at a discount store for less than I would expect for a quality vacuum cleaner. Initially, I thought it would be a waste of money. However, it worked for almost 2 years before giving up.  I was actually impressed as it cleaned carped OK (not outstanding), but it cleaned bare floors fairly good, much better than I expected from an upright vacuum cleaner.

Here is the official description with my take:

“Unique Twin Agitators with 10" Cleaning Path for Powerful Carpet Cleaning”
Yes, the twin agitators (revolving brushes) work rather well and I never snapped a belt. The powerful carpet cleaning part is an exaggeration. The cleaning is OK, but I would not call it Powerful. The cleaning path is OK and typical for inexpensive small cleaners. Bigger cleaner have 12" or more. Big plus: the front part (floor nozzle) has low profile enabling the vacuum cleaner to reach under furniture.

“Lightweight Design at just 14 lbs.”
Yes, I would say it is easy to carry around.

“Powerful 10-Amp Motor.”
Powerful enough, fairy noisy, but not excessive. No need to look for earplugs.

“Bagless Easy-to-Empty Dust Container, .8 gallon capacity”
It is big. One needs to empty one when it is 1/3 full as the suction would go down. The emptying procedure is easy but messy.  Not for people with asthma!

“One-Touch Dust Case Removal.”
True, very easy to disconnect (button action).

“Washable Pleated Inner Filter.”
Never washed it, but removed dust by shaking. There are actually two filters to clean manually every time waste is emptied. One is a screen and the other a pleated one. Very messy, as one has to touch both to unscrew. People who don’t want to touch dirt should opt for bagged vacuum.

“Easy-to-Use Pedals for ON/OFF and Handle Adjustment.”
True, they work well when they work. The ON/OFF switch broke after a year and I had to fix it. The rotating brushes stop when the cleaner is in an upright position.  Great feature when using attachments.
“On-Board Hose and Tools.”
The onboard attachments (brush, long crevice tool, and medium length tube) are well designed (ergonomic) and easy to use. Big plus.

“25-Ft. Power Cord with Quick Cord Release.”
The cord is long enough for routine house vacuuming.  Looks sturdy, but after less than 2 years of use, it failed.  This time there is an open circuit somewhere in the cord.

“Color: Metallic Red.”
The color is nice, but shape is not eye pleasing, too modern for me?

In summary, the bag less feature works well but the emptying procedure is messy as there is a double filter to clean manually.  Obviously, one saves money on bags in the long run, but bags are hard to beat in regards to the ease of emptying.

My problems with this cleaner started after 1 year of light use when the power switch broke. I was able to bypass that. Then, after less than 2 years of use, the cleaner broke again. This time there was an open circut somewhere in the power cord.

As for alternatives, I found this little and inexpensive vacuum cleaner that cleans great:

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