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Jul 26, 2009
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Pros:None. Do not get it.  It isn't worth the time or the money

Cons:After 10 uses, needs new filter.
Loses charge after 6 months

The Bottom Line: Don't buy it.  It is a good design, but Oreck needs to research rechargeable batteries.

We got the first Oreck one five years ago because brooms don't pick everything and I had two dogs, a cat and a teenager coming in and out of the house all day.  I used it primarily in the hallway and the kitchen.  My husband bought this Oreck Electrickbroom because he has always liked the brand name (we have an regular Oreck vacuum that is almost 30 years old and going strong).  I like it at first because it easily store in the hallway closet where  would use it the most.  I also liked that it folded so that it would fit under the coats.  Finally I liked being able to detach it so that I could either use it as an upright or as a handheld.  The Oreck Electrikbroom  worked fine for awhile and then the charge would not keep.  Since we had it within a year, we used the warranty and exchanged it for another one, same model but the same thing happened.  Furthermore, the filter gets filthy and you have to wash it.  Ever tried washing a filter?  And you can wash something only so much.  Getting replacement filters was nearly impossible.  I couldn't find it at the Oreck store (the store manager had no idea what I was talking about) and there was nothing on the website  I do not recommend this product at all.

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