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Jul 29, 2009 (Updated Aug 3, 2009)
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Pros:Easy to clean, power cord storage.

Cons:Awkward position of pulse button, difficult to align cup, noisy

The Bottom Line: Efficient, strong and powerfully little chopper which acts like a grown-up.

Since I enjoy cooking, I do have a lot of different tools in my kitchen ... mostly Philips tools ... but since they are not sold in the US anymore, I am now trying to get into other brands in order to complement what I may need.  In this case, I found a new recipe for No-Cook jam and the way to do it is to CHOP the fruits.  I know I could use my manula chopper but it takes a lot of time when you have to chop 4 cups worth of fruits.  I also have a couple of large (15 cups and more) food processors, but it's too big.  I know, I sound like Goldilocks in the 3 Bears ! ... Anyway, I found the KitchenAid KFC3100 3 Cups to be the perfect size ... and in bright red (what can I say, I liked the look)


What you get in the box is the Food Chopper with the container and blade, a small spatula (not one that I use) and the user manual.
The base unit is fairly small just under 5”x5” and roughly 4” high without the container which makes it very easy to store.  You just keep the container separate where you leave the blade in.  If you keep it on your counter, the whole unit will only be about 9” tall.  Very convenient and I’ll talk about the power cord a little later in my review.


1- SETUP:  Setting up the chopper is fairly easy.  However, to align the cup to the base is not always easy ... maybe it's me.  Otherwise, once in place, you just twist and lock it and that's it.

2- PULSE BUTTON : The unit only has ONE button so you can't really miss it and makes it very easy to use it to pulse.  Just press, albeit a good press, and the chopper starts.  You can keep pressing for long chopping of short, little presses for bursts.  Either-way, it works fine. My only complaint is the location of the button which is RIGHT underneath the handle.  To me, it makes it a bit awkward.  I do understand that for aesthetics it had to be there but still, you have to go under the handle in order to press it. 

3- CHOPPING: By default this is a chopper with only one blade.  However, it is a multipurpose blade which chops, minces, blends, mixes and emulsifies foods quickly and easily.  It is basically just like a full fledge processor.  It will not knead dough however.  Having said that, as I said his unit only has ONE pulse button so for more than pulsing, you will need to keep you finger on it.

4- POWER CORD : A very positive feature for me is the location of the Power Cord which comes out from the back and also that under the base unit, you can wrap it around and it WILL stay there.  This is great when you use it because you don't get bothered by the long cord and fantastic when you store it.

5- CLEANING : Is a breeze.  Everything goes into the Dishwasher, except for the Base of course which cleans up easily because there are no little crevices. 

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