Electrolux Dishwasher EWDW6505GS

Jul 29, 2009
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Pros:VERY quiet.  Cleans pretty well (be sure not to use too much detergent!)

Cons:Very difficult to install and repair.  Bottom rack can roll onto floor.

The Bottom Line: I do like it.  If it weren't for the door I would highly recommend it.

We really like our new dishwasher.  It is as quiet as they say but we've had a few surprises I wanted people to know about.  The door is hinged incorrectly (not a 90 degree) so the bottom rack can roll right onto the floor!  We installed a month ago and it has rolled off 3 times.  I started keeping my leg against it as I load it!

I called Electrolux and they said that all I needed was a hinge package and they would send me one free of charge (as if I would pay!).  They said I could install it myself.  It came a week later and was really confusing.  I decided to call them back and tell them they had better install the 2 parts.  They sent someone out and he had a horrible time.  He said that Electrolux knows about their problem but isn't doing anything about it and hopes people don't really notice!!

The 2 parts they sent didn't work so the repairman adjusted the hinges a little.  It seems to be okay (I'll keep you posted), but now the bottom of the door sticks out a bit.

You can be sure that I will let Electrolux know about this.  Otherwise, it is a pretty good dishwasher.

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