Jul 21, 2006

The Bottom Line The LoveEyes are the true windows of the soul.

When I look into your eyes
I can see traces there
Of loneliness, agony, sadness
That you try to hide
Like a lie, a masterpiece
You have to undo, nightmares
You rather forget
Lost aspirations to rediscover.

When you can't find succor, sans spirit
You armed yourself with that enthralling smile
That camouflages a thousand hurts
And pretend they are not there
With a host of unremembered dreams
That you think will give you joys
And meanings of all your pains and joys
But you hide in full view
On verdant glens
In golden vales of daffodils
On breathtaking vistas
By the windows of your soul- LoveEyes.

I gaze into your eyes
And I can see my own sadness
A thousand ennui and fears
For your eyes mirror my own
Anguish, lost love and being
Alone for many unending seasons
Eons of illusions and despair.

For once, a passing stranger
( I thought I knew her )
Made my nights and days magical
Then walked out on me
Like a fleeting moon
Its radiance covered jealous dark clouds
Like a rose in full bloom
Withering away before my very eyes!

And I was plunging in a dark abyss
To alien space and time
Falling into bottomless pit
Hiding in a shell, lost and unseen
Washed away to unending, vast expanse
Of ocean and torrid sands
On strange shores- the banks of River Styx.

But everything seems clear now
Discerning our paths have crossed
That our LoveEyes met
And together we
Salve our thousand hurts
Vanish our dark nightmares
Make wonders in darkness
Now dawn of the new day
Commence our love's journey.

d.a.d. '06

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