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I debated...
by bodashe
rating this Somewhat Helpful or Off Topic, so I split the middle ground at Not Helpful.

While I agree that disposable diapers make a child way to comfortable and potty-training does tend to get drawn out, the topic was "How to Potty Train Your Child". While this 'write up' would be good information to include in the larger "How", it just doesn't stand on its own.

If you edit this review, let me know and I'll be happy to come back and re-read it.

Jul 30, 2006
8:47 am PDT

I'd love...
by marybatson
... to read "HOW" you actually went about potty training your children. Please e-mail me if you choose to update.

Mary :)
Jul 29, 2006
7:18 pm PDT

I agree with mmcphee
by jeavinl, jeavinl is an Advisor on Epinions in Kids & Family

Sorry about the off topic, but this sounded more like reasons for using cloth diapers rather than helpful advice on how to potty train a child.

FYI, even with disposables, my daughter squirms and makes changing a tiresome, long process. When I noticed she refused to consistently lie down while I changed her, I took the hint and started the potty training process. We've still got a long way to go, but at 20 months old, I think we're making headway.

Jul 29, 2006
12:08 pm PDT

Interesting take
by joyfulgirl91
The cloth diapers I've used are all-in-one, though, and even more comfortable to my daughter than disposables. While they felt wet sooner than disposables, they were more absorbent than a folded cloth and rubber pants combo. It it had been entirely up to me, she would never have worn anything else. Also, the diaper doublers parents use inside cloth diapers at night are much less uncomfortable than the layers of folded diapers under rubber pants. By this argument, are you suggesting that cloth diapers should be used not only because they are a better ecological and economical alternative, but also because they are unpleasant? Does this mean you do not support efforts to develop a better reusable diaper?

I feel that modern cloth diapering is coming a long way, and every new breakthrough makes them more accessible to parents who wouldn't have considered the old-fashioned style with pins, rubber pants, and folding. I don't think there is anything wrong with the old-fashioned way, especially because it is so affordable, but you seem to suggest anything that makes diapering easier is inferior parenting. In my opinion, if some genius invents a reusable diapering system that provides the same leak-protection and absorbency as disposables, they would literally save the planet.

Even babies in cloth don't go to the toilet all on their own with no instruction from their caregivers. Since you seem to have a lot of experience, I would be interested in learning what methods you found successful. Because there isn't much instruction of what to do in your essay, I feel it is only Somewhat Helpful. Please let me know if you update. My daughter is 21 months old, and I need all the help I can get.

Jul 29, 2006
12:07 pm PDT

I wanted...
by mmcphee
to explain my "off topic" rating. I just didn't feel that this essay addressed the "how to potty train your child" topic. This would be a better fit in one of the many cloth diaper topics, such as Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers:

Jul 29, 2006
11:30 am PDT