Cloth diapers, pins, and rubber pants. Need I say more?

Jul 29, 2006

The Bottom Line My bottom line on potty training, cloth diapers and rubber pants.

There's no doubt that one of the most important things missing today in many homes with babies, is good old-fashioned diapers and rubber pants like it used to be.

Back in the day when I was doing mounds of babysitting for mothers everywhere, babies were out of diapers by 2 to 2-1/2 years of age tops, and it was cloth diapers with safety pins and rubber pants all the time. Today's babies however are in ultra thin, and way too overly comfortable disposable diapers, were the child has no sensation at all of being wet. So why would a child show any early interest over being trained?

I remember there being times that I would show up to babysit at someone's house, and the baby or babies would need changing. Their droopy, saggy, wet, uncomfortable, rubber pants covered bulky diapers hanging from their hips by two diaper pins, and the kids wasting no time at all in reaching up at me as if to say, "please pick me up and change me". They were uncomfortable, darn uncomfortable.

Another bonus to old-fashioned baby cloth diapers, the extra added time needed in order to change them. With my own kids they really hated to be pulled away from the television or the playroom for a diaper change. They often fussed and whined through the entire diaper change, right from start to finish once they were older as if to tell me, "mommy, I really hate this".

With their rubber pants pulled down around their little tiny ankles, I would then start the process of folding a fresh diaper, knowing that the added waiting time of them having to lie there irritated them even more so. I would often say to them, "if you didn't wear diapers, you wouldn't be missing playtime or cartoons right now". As if understanding full well where I was coming from, my kids would lie their with a big pouty lip. Then once the diaper was fastened, it was back up with the rubber pants again, and more time yet to tuck everything in when I was done to prevent leaking. It all took lots of time, so my kids were happy to toilet train. With disposables it's rip-rip, zip-zip, and the baby is done in less than a minute.

Night-time diapers were the worst in our house. They were dreaded! Uncomfortable double diapers, with a pair of rubber pants over top, just like a baby. My kids hated that big time! With disposables, no problem, because a child doesn't even know they have anything on their so comfortable.

I guess what I'm saying in this write up is that babies today are far too spoiled with the comforts of disposable diapers, and until parents realize that, they should fully expect to deal with diapers well past the average age of toilet training.

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