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Dawn Scrubber Sponge

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Made with Super Fabric -- but Does the Dawn Scrubber Sponge Hold Up?

Aug 7, 2009 (Updated Oct 12, 2009)
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Pros:convenient size sponge, interesting super scrubber fabric, good for non-stick pans

Cons:longevity is in question

The Bottom Line: While I love to use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, I have mixed feelings about this Dawn Scrubber Sponge.  They need to revamp this product.

When I received a coupon in the mail, I had to try the Dawn Scrubber Sponge.  I own a lot of non-stick cookware, so buying the right kind of cleaning sponge is important so that the finish isn't ruined.  This Dawn sponge definitely has pros and cons.


This sponge has two sides.  Most of the sponge-scrubber is composed of a bright yellow sponge, while the other side is a thin layer of blue material that the manufacturer calls "SuperFabric".  The sponge is shaped like an elongated triangle with the topmost tip cut off.  At its widest point, the sponge measures 3", and is 4 3/4" high.  Thickness is almost one inch.

Two Dawn Scrubber Sponges come in a plastic package.  The instructions state to store the sponges in the re-sealable package until they are used for the first time.  It is suggested to completely rinse the sponge before initially using it.

This sponge is recommended for only dish and sink cleaning.  It is not meant to be used as a general cleaning sponge.  If desired, the sponge can be cleaned in the top shelf of a dishwasher, or it can be rinsed and microwaved for 10 to 15 seconds.

There is also a note on the packaging that says: "Best when used with: Dawn Direct Foam".

My Experiences

I use this sponge-scrubber on glassware and non-stick bakeware and cookware.  I have also cleaned eating, serving, and cooking utensils with it.  Two sponges came in the package, and I am currently using the second one (the first sponge led a productive life).

Even though the package says this sponge-scrubber is best used with Dawn Direct Foam, I use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid instead.  Dawn dishwashing liquid always cleans well for me, and it also works great with this sponge (and every other sponge I have tried).

I like the look of the Dawn Scrubber Sponge.  The yellow sponge part is very bright and soft.  The yellow sponge portion works great.  I especially like the tapered sponge end, which makes it easy to reach into baking pan corners and hard-to-reach areas.

The blue scrubber portion is interesting, too.  It is a thin layer of tough blue fabric that has some white swirl designs on it.  This scrubbing area is nothing like the other scrubbing sponges I have used that are also meant to clean non-stick pans.  The "SuperFabric" works well, though, at cleaning food debris from the dishes.

My big complaint is that these sponges do not last as long as other brands I have used.  It's a disappointment.  Also, after a bit of time, the thin layer of "SuperFabric" begins to peel up from the edges of the sponge.  I can purchase other sponge-scrubbers for the same amount of money and have them last longer than these Dawn Scrubber Sponges.

Update October 12, 2009 -- After using yet another set of these Dawn sponges, I have to give them a thumbs down.  The blue scrubber fabric peeled completely away from the sponge within several uses.  Dawn really needs to look at how the material is applied to the sponge so that it lasts longer.


I bought the 2-pack of these sponge-scrubbers when they were on sale from my local grocery store.  Two of these 2-packs sold for $5.00.


I bought even more of these Dawn Scrubber Sponges with a coupon, and I am still not impressed.  There are far better products out there.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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