Much better than a cordless drill for screws

Aug 10, 2009
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Pros:No kickback when driving screws.  Short nose easier to get into tight sports.

Cons:Weight is all in battery.  Slower than a cordless drill

The Bottom Line: This is a great addition to your toolbag.  You will find yourself using it for most driving work as it is easier to use than a cordless drill

I picked up my cordless driver as part of a kit that includes 2 batteries and a charger.  The driver is pretty unbalanced in that the battery is pretty heavy and the driver is very light.  The big plus to the driver is that is does not try to break your wrist when it starts to slow down in hard wood.  It just slows down and plugs away driving 3 1/2" scews into wood with no problem.  A little slower than the cordless drill but less stress when working at odd angles as the driver does not kick back.  This is now my favorite tool for driving screws.  Once you try this driver you will be using your cordless drill just for drilling holes!  The driver also uses hex shanked bits and has a locking mechnism where you jsut pull the nose out and bits pull out going in is the same.  No need to tighten a check or have it come loose from working in reverse. 
This driver is perfect for people who have found that a cordless drill tries to twist out of their hand when it starts to bog down. It is slower than a cordless drill but overall less stress on the user's hand!

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