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Aug 10, 2009
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Pros:Expandable memory, versatility, durability, fast charging

Cons:Can't play music while charging on a computer. No clip. Ear buds fall out.

The Bottom Line: Forget the IPod! This one is highly functional, undoubtedly durable and half the price or less!

I bought this player after being burned and dissatisfied with several very cheap players which weren't durable and had little in the way of features.

*The construction is extremely durable compared to the players of coworkers that I looked at when I was trying to decide what to get. I'm a little tough on my toys, so durability is a must.

*The radio receiver on it is definitely a plus! If I get bored with listening to my own media, I can switch to radio.

*The battery life is 24-28 hours per charge depending on the temperature. Cooler room temperature makes the battery last longer. The unit also charges fully fairly quickly (30-45 minutes).

* I didn't like the ear bud headphones that came with it. They fell out constantly, so I replaced them with the kind that hook over the ear.

*The player's best feature is the little MicroSD chip slot on the side which allows you to expand the unit's memory. I put a 4GB chip in there, have over 1000 songs on the unit and STILL haven't filled it! You can use this feature to make a "mix chip" of certain mood music or just keep expanding your library. It's a GREAT feature and the chips are relatively cheap if you get them online.

*The player can also serve as a jump drive as it will store any type of file.

* You can't listen to music on it while it's hooked to a computer to charge. However, I found that using a battery charger with a USB port to charge it instead of the computer negates the problem.

* You have to spend extra to get a case or clip sleeve for the unit as it doesn't come with any means to carry it. This is one of its major drawbacks. It HAS to ride in a pocket if you don't have a carrier. Having it next to your warm body like that shortens the battery life.

* This player also reads text files, stores photos and plays videos, but I can't speak to those features as I don't use them. It's strictly a music player for me.

I will probably not even think about buying any other brand of media player from now on. Sansa's player is the BEST!

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