Everything you DONT need in a phone

Aug 10, 2009
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Pros:Microsoft Word, Excel, GPS, Facebook App

Cons:Things aren't very easy to find and you need to pay to use certain applications.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this phone for professionals only, not to simply have for personal use.

Sure it's attractive and nifty, but it took me about 3 months to find the alarm clock. I am usually cell phone savvy however, with the Palm Centro Smartphone, "smartphone" is deceiving.           I purchased the phone after switching from Tmobile to Sprint. I previously owned the blackberry pearl and let me tell you, I wish I hadn’t made the switch. There is an application for word documents, which I admit is pretty sweet. There is also an app for Facebook, however you can pretty much ignore it unless you want to pay the extra fee for the web browser on your phone bill (price varies depending on your phone company). So while I am being teased by the facebook app that is uneccessary at this point I skip down to the GPS app that comes with the phone (also depending on your phone plan) The size is OK. I have had thinner phones in the past. It's no iphone, it is a little smaller than that lengthwise. It is pretty thick though. I wouldn't recommend this phone to people. If you are looking for something for a business, then maybe but I have had better phones for that..*cough..blackberry..cough* It does have good memory however. I have about over 30 pics and a few videos. But it’s not worth the $150 I spent for it.

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