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Aug 10, 2009 (Updated Aug 24, 2009)
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Pros:Racks offer quite a bit of space for larger dishes & cooking items.

Cons:Normal cycle lasts 2 hours & power scrub adds more time w/o much more power.

The Bottom Line: This is an average dishwasher with a slightly above average price. More price doesn't equal better quality.

After our Whirlpool dishwasher leaked a sudsy ocean on our kitchen floor a week before Thanksgiving, 2008, we went shopping for a new unit.  After shopping around for the best fit for our needs, we decided on the LG LDF6920ST and purchased it from Home Depot.  We liked that we could put an entire cookie sheet and crock pot in the bottom rack and still have room left for dinner plates.  The machine is very easy to load dishes and glassware.  We've found that the silverware bin is a little combersome and does take a little extra time to place each utensil into the sectioned top of the bin one at a time.  This top is to space out the utensils for a more complete clean, however, it can be a little frustrating taking additional time to load piece by piece.  The unit also has a power scrub function to wash more "stuck on" food but we rarely use it as we pre-wash everything in the sink.

The first unit was delivered and had an absolutely HUGE dent in the front door from a forklift.  Almost sarcasticly, the delivery guy offered to knock of 10% for the damage or reschedule the delivery for another week out with a new unit.  That wasn't a tough decision.  Why would I want to save 10% off of a $700 dishwasher with a huge dent in it?

The following week, a new unit was delivered.  The delivery new bill didn't have the installation added on it, so that was another fight.  An hour later, the dishwasher was installed and running.  We were amazed at how quiet it was and were pleased with our purchase.

Fast forward 6 months later and an unbearable, high-pitched whine started.  It was quiet at first but has grown so loud that it gives us headaches to be in the same room while the washer is running.  Imagine a 2-hour wash cycle that sounds like constant fingernails on a chalkboard.

Tonight (8 months after our purchase) was the last straw when the washer decided to release a sudsy pool onto the floor.  A call to LG customer service ended with a service call scheduled in 3 days.  I found it rather strange when the service representative couldn't locate anything in his knowledge base on a high-pitched whine or whistle.  I searched Google this week and found several mentions of it and that it points to a bad bearing in the pump.

I've enjoyed their cell phones with no problems.  In addition to this dishwasher, I own a refrigerator and a washing machine by them as well, both are well running appliances (knock on wood).

I'll update this review with the results of the service call, but this dishwasher has really soured my feelings towards LG.

Update: 20090813
The LG service rep arrived today, looked at the washer and decided to replace the sump assembly (main motor) without testing our machine.  After the new assembly was installed and the water lines were reconnected, the service rep started the machine up.  "Eeeeeeeeeeee" went the machine, even worse than before.  The service rep said that he was shocked since this was a brand new motor and suggested letting it run for 15 minutes as sometimes the motor stops whining after the inital run.  After he put his tools away, our dishwasher is happily screeching away washing our dishes.  The service rep is ordering yet another motor from LG and will return in a week to install it.  He noted that he's only been able to close out 2 out of 7 service calls today and 3 out of 9 yesterday, so that lowered my confidence in the brand a notch.  He said that the dishwasher can continue to run and the noise won't impact its performance, but that it'll just be annoying.  I'll update this review again next week when the new motor arrives.

Update: 20090819
Contacted the LG service rep today and cancelled the return call scheduled for the next day to install the second replacement sump assembly.  After the first one was installed on 8/13, we continued to run the dishwasher through several cycles and the whine continued to dissapate and finally ceased.  The service rep requested that I contact him if the noise returned as he would keep the replacement part in stock as a precaution.  I'm back to a "satisfied" state with our purchase but am a little more in tune with the sound of the machine and am keeping an ear out in case the noise to returns.

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