My first bluetooth headset-its a winner

Aug 13, 2009 (Updated Aug 15, 2009)
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Pros:Easy setup;Excellent sound quality;Motorola name;reasonably priced.

Cons:None that I can think of at this time.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this model. Its an excellent combination of small size,moderate price,ease of use and excellent sound clarity.I paid $34.95 for my H390.

I decided that it was time to move up to a more advanced phone,with bluetooth among other features. After checking several websites, I concluded that Motorola and Plantronics had the highest satisfaction rates.

In the local Target,the Motorola H390 was on sale. It is small yet well built. It immediately recognized my Samsung T339 phone,and has excellent clarity,given that its a standard bluetooth,not a "noise canceling" model.

Here are some specifications and features:

Up to 8 hours of talk time
Up to 200 hours of standby time.
Range of up to 33 feet.
Weight-0.39 oz
Dimensions- 2.11X0.63X0.47 inches

There are colored status indicator lights for each mode. Three for charging:

red-indicates less than 70% charge
yellow-indicates more than 70% charge
green-fully charged.

Four for the indicator light:

3 blue flashes-powering on/off
steady blue-connect mode
rapid blue/purple- successful connection
quick blue flash-incoming call

Six for the status indicators:

slow blue pulse-call connected
slow blue flash-standby
slow red flash-idle
slow purple puse-connected call muted
steady red-attempting to connect
quick red flash-low battery

there are also multiple audio tones:
increasing-powering on
two descending tones-powering off
ring tone-incoming call
two short tones while pressing volume-volume at minimum/maximum
high/low tones every minute-low battery
no audio indications;low quality- out of range
two ascending tones-connected
two rapid ascending tones-mute enabled
two rapid descending tones-mute disabled
low tone every 10 seconds-mute reminder

This headset can be worn in either ear comfortably. It is supplied with several earbuds for additional comfort.I have found the controls easy to reach and use,once I figured out how to work them by both feel and the status indicator lights.

I also like the fact that it comes with a comprehensive owners manual.

So far I am quite happy with this Motorola H390 bluetooth headset,and will do an update in the near future.

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