Swiffer Sweep Vac

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Aug 19, 2009 (Updated Aug 19, 2009)
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Pros:gets everything off of floors when charged
can also use wet pads w/it

Cons:filter has to be replaced often
battery doesn't hold a charge

I have had mine for 2 months and now it won't hold a charge. I use it everyday, but only in my small kitchen and bathroom. When it was new, it would only hold a charge for about 5 minutes of use, then I would have to plug it in for an hour or two before using it again. And now, it won't hold a charge at all. I am going to return it to the store today and try again. If it happens again (which I realize it probably will, after reading the other reviews about the battery), I will be trashing it and continuing to try to find something different. I will say that when I first got it, it worked very well. As long as the battery is charged, it works great. I bought another floor vac (the Shark VX3) the other day to replace it and it was horrible, it left a gritty feeling on the floor, which the Swiffer will not do, IF it will hold a charge. Swiffer really needs to do something about this battery problem, because otherwise, in my opinion, it's the best thing out there for bare floors.

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