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Krylon Fusion

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Krylon Fusion Spray Paint

Aug 25, 2009 (Updated Aug 25, 2009)
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Pros:Great coverage,long lasting, huge selection

Cons:Flammable when wet

The Bottom Line: Great coverage,long lasting, huge selection

I do a lot of crafts and some of that means I'"m painting on wood or metal. Krylon has always been my brand of choice. It's a reliable, reputable brand. I've been lucky enough to find many of the colors I need on sale so I"ve gotten a can for as little as $1.99. 

I paint old flexible flyer sleds. I base coat them with the red or green Krylon. Since I need a paint that will cover the wood, the lettering and the metal runners. I can use black, red or green Krylon with great success. These are then painted with either a Victorian Santa or a snowman and are meant for outside use. I've had some of these sleds for decades and people who have bought them have told me the paint has held up through the worst snows. 

I faux paint furniture as well using Krylon. I rescued many a piece of wicker and my daughter's bedroom was all white wicker sprayed white with Krylon making the originally mismatched colors uniform.  I used Krylon to paint them all white. I got great coverage and this furniture made it through her teenage years. 

Directons:Shake vigorously and apply in short sweeps. Secondary coats should not be layered on until paint dries an hour. I always wait at least 24 to 48 hours. I spray with a back and forth motion, slowly and in a well ventilated area. One can 12 oz size can covewr 25 square feet. I still wear a little face mask because I find no matter whether I spray inside or out it gets up my nose if I don't.

The Krylon Fusion can says it dries in about 15 minutes but I still wait. It's chip proof within 7 hours. 

Information from the can: Krylon Fusion is flammable especially when wet. THe medium contains toulene and xylene which are hazardous if inhaled. Use caution. Krylon Fusion can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, paper mache and plaster. Krylon is available at all the large Home Depot and Lowes stores as well as at most local hardware stores, Walmart and K Mart.

Fusion is now the top selling krylon paint because it even bonds to plastic. It's resistant to chipping in 7 days. This can has a special tip its an EZ trouch 360 dial spray applicator tip. With this paint you don't need to sand or prime. Just make sure the surface is clean. When you work on plastic just give the plastic a nice wipe down with something with ammonia in it. On metal make sure any loose rust is gone. For my wicker I hosed it down thoroughly first and let it dry outdoors.  

You can make your own spray booth by laying out a drop cloth and a large cardboard box with one end open. I would still suggest doing this in an outdoor area. 

Krylon comes in non yellowing crystal clear and almost every color of the rainbow. They make metallics, shimmer paint, plastic texture , suede look, H20 latex, chalkboard paint, magnetic spray paint, mirror like paint, stained glass paint and more.paint, as well as indoor/outdoor paint. 

I've painted belts, cans, mail boxes, lunch boxes, canvas floor mats, headbands, picture frames,jewelry. I've created animal prints using a stencil and Krylon black and brown Fusion paint. Krylon Fusion can take any plastic and make it a work of art in the right hands. 

Krylon was first appeared in 1947. Krylon is the largest supplier of spray on paint in the world, pretty impressive. It's an excellent brand. I've had no problem with drip or peeling in any of my projects using Krylon.

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