Thompson's Water Seal Waterproofer, 1 Gal.

Thompson's Water Seal Waterproofer, 1 Gal.

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Review for Thompson's Advanced waterseal

Sep 9, 2009 (Updated Sep 9, 2009)
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Pros:Claimed two year life. 

Cons: Too thick to apply with a sprayer, slow to dry.  Difficult to remove

The Bottom Line: I would avoid this product, due to the inability to get a uniform application as a result of it's heavy thick consistency.

This wood water sealer is warranted for two years.  Although I've have no problems with the normal Thompson water sealer product, which comes in the green can, the 2 year life of this product enticed me.  Big mistake.  The label instructions were not readable as they were of the type where you must peal them apart off the container to get to the application information and they came apart when trying to open, so I applied it like I do all Thompson products, with a small sprayer.  This stuff is thick and milky coming out of the container and doesn't thin during the application.  It's like glue.  It doesn't spread once on the deck.  It just sits where it hits, and remains like that until it dries. Due to the consistency the coverage area is very small for a gallon as well. You cannot use the surface for at least twenty four hours while the stuf hopefully dries clear.  If it's too thick you then have to remove it. I am sorry I got this stuff, and hope I can get my deck back to normal within the next several days. On the plus side the company was easy to reach and readily offered a refund for the product. 

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