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Sep 10, 2009 (Updated Nov 10, 2010)
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Pros:Works perfectly with a Mac.  Fast, very clear scanning ability.  Software controls are intuitive.

Cons:Entry price may be a little high for very small office.

The Bottom Line: I would buy one again.  In fact, I did, for my home.

The first thing I can say about this scanner is it is the easiest type of scanner for storing documents that I have ever come across.  I wanted to make a move to a paperless office.  A great deal of time was spent looking for a scanner that would easily get my documents from the real world into the electronic world. 
Since I exclusively use Macs, finding a scanner that worked as well and easily as my computers was no easy task.  This scanner fits the bill.   

When you first get the scanner, you'll need to install the software first.  After install you'll be required to set a destination folder for your scans.  That is pretty much it if you just plan to scan and store the document.There are many other options you can set, scan speed (quality), compression (size) and color detection are a few of them.  Dive into the manual and you'll see lots of various ways to make this scanner work the way you need it to work.
Scanning operation is as simple as putting in your page and pressing the scan button.  The page is scanned, both sides at once if you like, into a super portable PDF file (you can also choose JPG)  From there you can do any multitude of things.  Fax it, email it, save it in an electronic filing cabinet instead of a real filing cabinet. 

The scanner offers the option of scanning multiple page documents into either one file per page or all of the pages in one file.  Very nice option.  You can vary speed and thus resolution with a simple software drop down list.  There are different profiles you can create if you want your scanner to have various presets you use over and over again for different kinds of documents. 

If you happen to have a jam in the middle of the scan, the scanner will tell you how many pages have scanned and will ask if you want to quit the job and start over or just continue scanning from where you were.  It even shows a preview of the last thing it read when scanning.
The scan engine works in the background so you can continue working on what you were doing while the scanner goes about its day.

There is a counter in the system that tells you how much life is left in the consumable items on your scanner.  The rubber feed wheel, grabber pad and a few other parts need to be replaced after a number of scans, 50,000 or better for these parts.  

One thing to watch is the clutch spring.  It really isn't listed as a wear part but I have found they can and do break.  Keep a couple extra around (ordered through their parts department for about $6 each). 

The footprint is small.  It takes up much less space than a flatbed scanner.  Granted, this is not the scanner for you if you want to scan photos.  Get a flatbed for that.  This is perfect for getting the paper off your desk and into your computer system. 
This scanner also comes with a "carrier sheet".  This is two pieces of plastic joined at the top that allows you to insert receipts, odd pieces of paper or what have you and easily scan them into your system.

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