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Sep 12, 2009
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Pros:Delivers on its promise of being "perfect for extending high-speed internet around the house."

Cons:Didn't work in one electrical outlet.  Blinking blue light can be distracted.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended for easily extending high-speed Internet around your house.  Just plug and play!

I needed an internet connection on my desktop computer remotely located from the computer/wireless router I already have in my house.  My LinkSys wireless g works fine for laptops but I was getting spotty reception on my desktop with its internal g card located about 100 feet away.

I considered upgrading to wireless n that might have done the trick but since my wireless was otherwise working fine I decided to leave well enough alone.  The Netgear kit was simple to install; just plug the two adapters into wall outlets and then run an ethernet cable (two short cables are included) from the adapter to the router and desktop.  The adapters are well-designed and visually quite elegant. 

For whatever reason the adapter would not sinc with the other unit when plugged into the outlet closest to the computer so I moved it to the next outlet requiring a longer cable.  It then linked automatically in just a few seconds and is truly plug and play.  Just for the heck of it I plugged the unit into a couple of other outlets elsewhere in the house and it worked fine.  The instructions advise to plug the adapters directly into outlets and to not use a surge protector. 

Each adapter has a bright blue LED light to indicate when the units are linked.  It blinks when information is being transmitted.  Unfortunately, the adapter faces my computer and the light is distracting.  So I taped a piece of paper of the unit to diffuse the light.

I have used the adapters successfully for over a month and am very pleased with the performace.  In Windows' network connections, speed indicates 100 Mbps.  Netwgear's kit delivers on its promise of being "perfect for extending high-speed internet around the house."

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