Loving My Buzzing Bugaboo Bee

Oct 1, 2009
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Pros:Easy to fold/unfold, one-piece fold, reversible seat, great canopy, adjustable handle

Cons:Twisty harness, can be hard to reverse the seat

The Bottom Line: Awesome stroller with many different features and accessory options, and it is very easy to use

I have had my Bugaboo Bee now for approximately a year.  While looking at the higher-end strollers, my husband really didn't like any of them.  The other Bugaboos were complicated to fold; the Quinny Buzz had poor steering; the Orbit system seemed like overkill, and so on.  We were also faced with the fact that he is 6'2" and I am 5'0", so some strollers were too tall for me to push and some were way too short for him.

When we first looked at the Bee, he was a little skeptical beforehand.  We have a Quinny Zapp that he loves (awesome steering, tall handles, looks neat, very tall seat back, folds tiny), but I wanted something that could be used for a newborn and that had a few other features.  After test-driving the Bee, we were both surprised at how impressed we were.  We bought the Bee shortly thereafter.  The price is actually lower than many of the high-end strollers, especially if you use a coupon and buy it online (like we did).
The Bugaboo Bee has an adjustable padded handle that can be short enough for my kindergartener to push, or tall enough for my husband.  This also comes in handy at restaurants or in busy aisles, because I can put the handle all the way down to keeps it out of the way of others.  It comes with a rain-fly that works very well.

The hood on the Bee is awesome.  It provides excellent coverage, and the colors are all very rich and vibrant.  I have the blue cover, and it does not get dirty easily.  I did spill a couple drops of coffee on it, and the coffee came out easily with a gentle scrub from a wet washcloth (even after it had dried).  I also have the blue footmuff that is very soft, warm, and we always get compliments on.  I have the infant carrycot in khaki, which does look nice with the blue, and would great if paired with the new Paul Frank microfleece blanket.  The sunshade is also nice, and works very well (for both sun protection and for protection from nosy strangers that like to touch newborns!). 

The tires are foam-filled rubber, so there is no worry about flats.  The all-wheel suspension, combined with the rubber tires, makes the stroller ride very smoothly.  The stroller works great in the city or in a park, but if you will be dragging the stroller up and down stairs a lot, you might look at a stroller with larger back wheels.  I do pull it up stairs occasionally, and it has held up very well, but I think it might not hold up well if I did it quite often.  I have noticed that if I have the bottom basket (which is very generous and easily accessed from the front of the stroller instead of the back) loaded down, it occasionally will touch when I go over curbs.

The seat on the Bee is very nice.  It is padded and fairly tall, the leg support is adjustable, and the seat can lay almost completely flat for a newborn or can be completely upright (at a 90 degree angle with the seat bottom) for an older child, with 2 more positions in between those angles.  The footrest is hard plastic, so is very easy to clean.  The seat is reversible (a big plus), but it takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to reverse it.  It is very easy to adjust the harness height and tightness, and there are multiple different harness heights.  My one complaint about the stroller is that the straps can be twisty, so often I have to fix the buckles so they are facing the correct way.  It is a fairly minor complaint.  I did have a complaint about the brakes, because they wouldn't always work right, but Bugaboo recently released a recall and sent out a "fix" for the brakes, so they now work perfectly.  All of the new Bees have the upgraded brakes.

The Bee is very easy to fold.  You push a little black button on the left hand side of the handle, then pull up the white tab that the button is on and the white tab on the right hand side of the handle (sorry if that is confusing).  It really is very simple, and can be done in one motion if you are using two hands, or two motions if you are using one hand.  There is a handle on the bottom/back of the stroller to grab onto when loading the stroller into the trunk or walking up stairs, the stroller locks automatically when folded, and is an absolute cinch to open - you simply put your foot on the brake control and push down.  Very, very easy and quick.

Some of the accessories currently available are the sunshade, car seat attachments, footmuff, infant carrycot, cup holder, parasol, microfleece blanket, and coordinating diaper bags.  Bugaboo is also said to be releasing a toddler ride-on board that is compatible with the Bee in the next few months.

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