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Home Legend Pecan Natural Laminate Flooring - HL-83

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Wish I had gone with my first choice!

Oct 12, 2009 (Updated Oct 12, 2009)
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Pros:Click installation. Installation is easy. Comes with the underlayment already attached. 

Cons:Protective coating is peeling off   
Scuffs easily

The Bottom Line: Do not let it's beauty fool you! All that glitters is not gold! It will not be beautiful for very long.

My husband and I went to Home Depot to buy the Pergo I picked out for the living room, and then we saw this on display and it turned my head. Nothing I saw in the Pergo line even came close. Absolutely beautiful and it looks like real wood. So I changed my mind, even though it was more expensive than the Pergo and we had to special order it.

I was so proud of it! I cannot tell how pretty this floor is or I should say WAS. After two weeks of faithfully dry mopping it, sometimes as often as twice a day because it has a glossy Piano finish that showed every footprint (and I really didn't mind because it was so beautiful) I noticed what I first thought was a smudged area. I wore myself out trying to polish it out but it would not come clean. In a certain light the area looked dull, like the shine had worn off. On close inspection it looked like the protective coating was peeling, almost like skin flaking from a sunburn. I finally filed a claim through Home Depot. The manufacturer sent out an inspector who concluded that it was residue build up because I was cleaning it too often. I don't know how he reached that conclusion because as I stated, I was dry mopping it one to two times a day, and how can that cause a residue build up? Maybe once a week I used Bona laminate cleaner on it, and that was in the manufacturers recommended cleaning methods. When I asked what I could do about this supposed build up, I was told it should come off with dry mopping. Of course, it does not come off because it's not residue. If it was residue it would come off with a little vinegar and water. Now, five months later, the problem has spread to almost the entire floor and I am so disgusted I ready to either tear it out or buy a huge area rug to cover it up.

This floor has a 50 year warranty and as far as I'm concerned, it has not stood up for five months!

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