Bose helps clear your mind- what great headphones

Oct 20, 2009
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Pros:Great noise cancelling employed, nice case and adapters

Cons:Battery is proprietary, run out of juice and you're out of luck.

The Bottom Line: Amazing performing headphones

When I first heard about the Bose noise cancelling headphones, I was quite skeptical.  I thought the noise cancelling technology was a gimmick that pushed for additional revenue for electronics companies.  However, after a trial of a pair at a Bose store, I was stunned.  The level of quiet was incredible and clearly took me by surprise.  Not only did I find a whole new world of comfort in hearing less, I really could listen.
My first few real trying experiences with the headphones was on a flight to San Francisco from New York.  The flight was going to be around 6 hours long and with plenty of entertainment onboard, I was willing to put it to the test.  I brought a pair of ipod earphones in case the noise cancelling ones failed.  How could I be so doubtful.  The second the onflight entertainment was on, I started the experience.  Putting them on in the airplane was a true test of the ability to cancel noise.  Instantly, the droll of the engines and the constant white noise of the air and of people chatting quiety disappeared.  I can't say they completely disappear, but they disappear enough to a point where you wouldn't need to care.  I would give it 80% of the noise.  When my wife spoke to me, I could hear her relatively easily whenever she reminded me of the drink cart or an announcement on the intercom.  Nevertheless, it was true freedom from noise and I could easily enjoy a movie or music without disturbance.A few issues I noticed right away were more fit than noise.  The Q3 doesn't cover the ear completely and my ears found it a little tiring after 2-3 hours of wearing at one time.  Secondly, I found that without the proprietary battery charged, the headphones are useless.  There's no such mode of "non-noise cancelling".  So if you happen to not charge your battery and run out, you're out of luck.However, the technology used works great.  If you're looking for a bit of respite on a flight, it will definitely make your flight very enjoyable. 

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