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Oct 21, 2009
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Pros:noise cancellation, terrific quality, coiled, single-sided cable, easy disassembly for replacing parts

Cons:goofy look when worn (not for public)

The Bottom Line: i definitely recommend this product to anybody who appreciates good sound quality and doesn't listen to music in public or just doesn't care about how he/she looks.

these 'phones are really the most comfortable and best sounding in the price range. I have owned some Grado SR60s and Sennheiser HD 515s and even though both of them are excellent headphones, they do not compare to the HD 280s. These are known for their flat sounding quality, which makes them perfect for recording studios and monitoring music. I, myself have pretty big ears which is a problem with most headphones because they put pressure on my ears after a while which is extremely uncomfortable but this is not the case with the HD280s. These full sized 'phones welcome large ears and feel comfortable even after being worn for hours. Their lightweight is also an important factor, making them practical for travel. But this is not the only reason they're great for travelling, they also fold up in 3 different ways making them incredibly compact. The Sennheiser HD280s only have one cord on the left side of the 'phones which is coiled up and extends up to 10 feet, which is really helpful when you're in front of the audio outlet and don't want a mess of cables. The noise cancellation also adds to the comfort and is really helpful when traveling. Caution, when wearing these in public you may get some looks and stares since they're fairly big and look rather goofy when worn.

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