Magellan RoadMate 1340 Car GPS Receiver

Oct 25, 2009
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Pros:Excellent for anyone directionally


The Bottom Line: Excellent for anyone directionally

After the untimely demise of our old Magellan it took almost no time at all to get a replacement. We have come to rely heavily on that sweet talking gal in the Magellan to take us where we need to go. Hubby has a sense of direction, I'm directionally impaired. Whatever way I face is North to me. Having this tool to guide me from place to place makes all the difference for me.  We live in a fairly rural place, there aren't many places you can stop and ask for directions. We chose the Magellan RoadMate 1340. It was on sale for only $99.00 at Costco and it had everything we needed and more.  

Magellan Roadmate is easy to install in your car. Check your parts. You should have the RoadMate, an adjustable car cradle/Magellan holder, vehicle power cable,  adhesive mounting disk, alcohol pad, instruction manual and your 1340 CD-Rom.

Choose a location, one with a clear view of the sky so you can receive signals from the GPS satellites. Clean the surface of your windshield with the alcohol pad you will find in your package and mount your car cradle. If you are not using the windshield as a mounting surface your manual will walk you through other options. Attach your receiver on the bottom, Connect the power, route your cable and you're good to go. When it is fully charged you need not have it plugged in to use it. 

Your power switch is on the top. Press this to turn it on, the microSD card slot is on the bottom on the right (facing screen) your USB input is bottom center. Your RoadMate will tell you the street you are on and the street you will next turn on next. A bell tone will sound just before you need to turn. If you need this repeated tap the screen. It will give you Points of interest and next exits, current time, distance to your destination, arrival and speed time as well as remaining time. You can zoom in and zoom out (our previous Magellan did not offer this). Of course, if you make a wrong turn it will tell you to make a legal u turn. It will also tell you to bear right or left at forks in the road. It will tell you that you have arrived at your destination on the right or left when you get where you wanted to go.

Just touch the screen to indicate what icon you want to use. "Your favorites at your fingertips" is a slogan for RoadMate since it has a one touch screen. The screen is 3.5 inches in a color touch screen. You can choose multi-destination routing. You have options of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico preloaded maps. When you search for addresses there is a QuickSpell option so you can find and enter your destination. You can enter zip codes if you don't want to spell out a city.  The highway lane assist signs that appear help you navigate. There is an option for AAA Tour book dining and stay overs with ratings and description. This is excellent for long  trips.

You will see icons like local options, view map and "go to" functions so you can create a route, create multiple connected routes, save routes and see them on a visual map that changes as you drive if you want. You can return to any of 20 previous destinations. You can store an address book with places you've visited. You can find options for hospitals, police stations, ATM machines, coffee shops, gas stations and more.  All this can be done in English, Spanish or French. 

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