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Frontpoint Security System

Nov 1, 2009 (Updated Nov 1, 2009)
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Pros:Event driven, customizable notifications.  Control remotely.  You know what's going on at your house.

Cons:Needs better documentation and cameras cords are ugly and too short.

The Bottom Line: The web and iphone integration, customizable notifications, and the camera integrations are fantastic.

I have had this sytem for about 6 months and I guess its time for a review.  I spent a couple years occasionally searching for a security system and was always disappointed mostly that I could get notified that someone had broken in but could not see a video.  I could buy a security camera system but it did not seem to integrat with the alarm system.  The last time I searched to my surprise I found Frontpoint.  The reviews were all consistently great but it seemed very new. Everyone seemed to write a review just after they recieved the system and I was not sure they were reliable for a long term service evaluation.  I was so impressed by the advertised capabilities and the positive feedback that I decided this one the one.

Every Monday through Friday at a fixed time I have my system send me an email and a text message if I forgot to arm the house and I can arm it from the internet or my iphone.  If my son  needs to come over while I am out, I can disarm the system from my iphone or the internet just to make sure he does not accidentally trigger the alarm.  I can have the system text or email me if the garage or back door is left open after a certain time at night.  I can have the system notify me when the system is armed or disarmed.

I can use the internet sight to assign a code for my children, my parents, etc that is specific to them and I can give them specific rights.  I can assign each sensor to trigger an email or text to me and or my spouse whenever a certain event happens. 

I can have the system also record and send video clips of areas in the house for certain events.  I can log in from my iphone or the internet and look at the cameras live should an event be triggered.

I did accidentally trigger the alarm and did get a call quickly so the monitoring service was working. 

I started seeing events on the web site/iphone app that my garage door was opening and closing during the day but no other sensors were being triggered.  The system was not in error as I discovered when it recorded it had opened right before I got home and sure enough it was.  I checked my iphone immediately and saw the event in the history and that all other sensors were ok and the system was still armed.  I checked the video inside the house and all was well.  I realized someone must have a similarly programmed remote or was casing the neighborhood and fixed the garage door programming that night.  No issues since.  Thank you frontpoint!

Installation was very easy for the hardware and fairly simple for the web site configuration.  Its also very easy to expand.  The people were very nice and helpful whenever I called.  I called for information and they extended a discount they had been running but had since ended.  They provided the promo code and when I purchased online I saved a bit.

All in all, very customizable.  I have to say I love it still. 

As someone new to a security system, I would have liked more instructions.  What procedures and timeframes exactly will be followed in the event of an alarm?  Still not sure.  A good help system with the online web site with examples of behaviors would also be nice to have.  For instance I wanted to video anyone entering or exiting my house during certain days but ended up getting video of every entry and exit and quickly filling up my storage limit.  I usually enter and exit from the garage.  The system only gives you a max of about 3 minutes I believe.  Opening the garage door, parking the car, getting out and getting into the house and disarming in that time is tight.  There were no instructions telling you that you could call and have someone bypass this on your system so it would notify you only of openings or closings but not trigger the alarm.

The camara cords are too short to hang on the wall and run the cord all the way to a socket.  We'll need to pretty this up at somepoint ourselves.  Since the cameras are motion activated and the ones I got allow you to pan,  I had thought that they would pan towards the motion.  Not the case, they are fixed to a set area but you can pan over the internet if you want to see areas not in view.  This means you may need more cameras if you need more coverage.

The guidance for how many contacts you needed for windwos did not clearly point out to me that you needed one for the upper and one for the lower part of the windows if both pieces can move as most windows do in a home.  I was short a few contacts and had to buy more.  I am still waiting on the outdoor camara they said would be coming.

There were a few other minor improvements I think Frontpoint should address but all and all I am very pleased.  Definately a satisfied customer.

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