Nov 24, 2006

The Bottom Line Do not do business with avoid them at all costs, they are unethical and shady in their business practices. You literally won't get anything for your money.

I went to an online car match making system that pairs potential buyers/lessees with people who want to get out of their current leases.

I located 3 cars in my geographical area that I thought would be good candidates based upon the make, model and year of the car I wanted. The website gives you the VIN #, the mileage, the time owned, even photos and everything about the car, except who to contact regarding the lease take over.

The only way you can get the owner contact information is to pay a membership fee. I paid the membership fee of 39.95, and then called the 3 owners. All three cars had been sold or transferred; one car transferred five months ago. The information on the leasetrader website is severely outdated.

When I found out these cars were not valid, I reported the three vehicles as unavailable, both in leasetrader's electronic format online and verbally by phone.

Months later the cars that I reported as unavailable were still showing as available. This further hammered home the point that knowingly posts false information to lure potential customers.

I phoned to ask for a refund at 800, 770-0207. They gave me the run around and stated that it was not their fault their website has obsolete information-and therefore no refund would be given.

How is it that Ebay has no problem with updating their data in real time and yet they have millions of items listed? is unethical and has poor business practices. Forty dollars is not a large sum of money, but it is wrong to have falsely advertise and lure unwitting customers into paying a usage fee.

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