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Nov 28, 2006

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for starters martial arts movies are crap as movies goes acting is bad - take enter the dragon the late bruce lee was a great martial artist no actor. the storylines are pretty lame, and some of the moves are so unconvincing you laugh at them.

in my oppinion these movies are the best of a bad bunch when it comes to the martial arts genre.

- Zatoichi - probally the best martial arts movie i have seen ever.

- ong bak - a half believable story-line some half decent action scene but a few to many mega flying knee's and elbows

- last samurai - like zatoichi very few flaws but in some places is too cheesey

- crouching tiger hidden dragon - not too bad story wise but follows the traditional chinese conceptions of martial arts a touch too closely for my liking.

unleased - (jet li) - half decent story line, realistic martial arts moves - aint too bad.

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