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Nov 9, 2009
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We've had many types of dishwashers over the years, but never tried LG.  Styling is cool, and I hadn't heard anything terrible about LG, so we bought this one 2 weeks ago.  Bottom line?  We are going back to the store to pick out a new model, new manufacturer today.  The cycle takes forever - 2 hours plus.  I had to use the Powerscrub and the extra rinse cycle to get the dishes not quite as clean as my old GE dishwasher.  Yesterday, I ran the cycle 2 full times - that's 4 plus hours of washing, folks - and I still ended up with some food in my top rack containers plus handwashing my Reidel wine glasses.  The utensil rack is so poorly designed that I can't even fit my flatware in the slots, tines up or tines down, it doesn't matter. The bottom rack falls off of the wheels everytime you pull it out to unload, and you have to try and fix that every single time.  So, I am back at.  Maybe a KitchenAid this time?  Frankly, anything would be better than this expensive pretender.

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