Frigidaire Stinks

Nov 10, 2009 (Updated Jan 15, 2010)
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Pros:The dishwaser is quiet and holds alot

Cons:Frigidaire's warranty number lies to you. They have lousy quality control.

The Bottom Line: I would not buy from frigidaire they do not provide acceptable warranty service and do not do what they promise.

I purchased this dishwasher from Lowe's Oct 5th they finally delivered it on Oct 26th. When the plumber finished the installation the dishwasher ran water all over the floor. The sensor did not properly fit into the pump and the service guy came to check it out he said it had a bad motor as well. He could not find out from Electrolux (frigidaire) when he would get the parts so I called. They promised me they would ship them second day air, but it was Friday and it would not ship till Monday. On Thursday I called and they had shipped the parts ground 7 - 14 days on Tuesday. I called Lowes and they talked to Frigidaire who supposedly sent the parts second day air on Thursday. I finally received one of the two parts necessary to fix my dishwasher on Wednesday afternoon, but not the other. The repair man said he would supposedly have my other part that they didn't send on Thursday the 12th so at this point I have a damaged light fixture where the water ran through to the basement below a buckled sub floor in the kitchen and no working dishwasher It has been over 6 weeks since I paid for the dishwasher and 2 weeks since I first talked to frigidaire's warranty people. An update: It is now the 12th frigidaire did not send the part and now say it is back ordered until the 17th which will be over 3 weeks after the dishwasher was installed.I finally have a working dishwaher as of Nov 23rd. One month after initial installation!!!!!!!!
Just an update Jan. 6th this dishwasher started dumping water on the floor again. The service man said he would order the part, different part. Then on the 14th he called to say Electolux has backordered the part and have no idea when it will be available.
We went in and talked to Lowes. They are giving us full credit to apply towards a different dishwasher to be installed next week. We are going to try a Bosch

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